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Leveraging Tigernix Technologies for Melbourne’s New VLocity Trains

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It is highly visible that Australia is interested in expanding its transportation mediums through various initiatives that match the current technological trends in the world. If we fly back to history, we can see many examples to back up this, from new bridges, highways, railways, etc. The newest addition to the Australian transportation realm is none other than VLocity trains. Yes, you are right; it is not completely a new thing to Victoria State and its five million people, as this has been in the scenario for some time.

Then why is there a sudden excitement for VLocity trains? What can be done to back up the Victorian authority’s initiatives from the point of view of Tigernis technologies? You are about to find out all the answers in this article.

We will know

Melbourne's New VLocity Trains Overview

  • According to reports, when it comes to railway operations, they operate 226 six-carriage trains across 15 lines, 221 stations, and 998 kilometres of track, seven days a week. However, considering the fact that Melbourne’s population keeps growing year after year, this will not be enough to cater to their transportation requirements.
  • This is why the authorities have initiated a new VLocity Trains project as a solution.
  • Before starting with anything, it is worth understanding what VLocity trains are.
  • The newest and swiftest train in the V/Line service, the VLocity, can reach top speeds of 160 km/h. 
  • In Victoria, the first VLocity trains entered operation in late 2005 and now transport over a million passengers monthly. Their 750 horsepower horizontal Cummins QSK19 diesel engines make it possible to travel at up to 160 km/h.
  • Today, 23 brand-new VLocity trains that will be installed throughout Melbourne’s west are already in production. There will be 141 VLocity trains in the state when the additional trains are added to the current fleet.
  • These trains will serve the Bacchus Marsh and Geelong districts in addition to the Melton Line.
  • Compared to V/Line’s older, classic fleet, the VLocity trains are more dependable, more accessible, and emit minimal greenhouse gases. In addition, each VLocity features a designated bicycle storage room and six spots for wheelchair or mobility scooter users in each three-carriage set.
  • In the Victorian Budget 23/24, the State Government allocated $601 million for the construction of 23 new VLocity trains, creating around 500 jobs in the area, and $219 million for over 200 extra weekend V/Line train trips.
  • Since the work is now underway for new VLocity trains, there will be more productivity in Victorian transportation tomorrow.

What Technologies Can Be Utilised to Ensure Melbourne's New VLocity Trains Function Smoothly?

Predictive Maintenance Systems

This can be integral to ensuring the smooth functioning of Melbourne’s new VLocity trains and maintaining the expected quality of the railways.

When installing sensors on key components of the trains and along the railway tracks, data can be continuously collected on factors such as vibration, temperature, and wear. This data is then analysed using machine learning algorithms to predict potential failures or maintenance needs before they occur.

As it gives the courage to proactively address issues identified through predictive analysis, maintenance can be scheduled during non-peak hours, minimising disruptions to service.

Also, predictive maintenance allows for better allocation of resources and optimisation of maintenance schedules. No need to emphasise that it ultimately enhances the reliability, safety, and longevity of both the trains and the railway infrastructure.

Plus, this ensures a smoother and more efficient operation of Melbourne’s transportation system.

Robotic Track Inspection Vehicles

These autonomous vehicles navigate the railway tracks, scanning for defects such as cracks, wear, or obstructions with precision and efficiency.

How is that possible? Let us brief it. As they are coupled with advanced sensors and cameras, they can detect issues early on, preventing potential disruptions and safety hazards.

Moreover, these robotic vehicles can perform routine maintenance tasks autonomously, reducing the need for manual labour and associated costs.

With their ability to operate continuously and cover large sections of track, they ensure thorough inspections and timely maintenance. It is not a wonder to see that this upholds the expected quality of the railway infrastructure.

Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors

Deploying IoT sensors along Victoria’s Vlocity railway lines can surely enhance the performance and efficiency of the trains.

These sensors are strategically placed to monitor crucial parameters such as track conditions, temperature variations, vibration levels, and structural integrity in real time.

Now let us explain how this occurs. As it can continuously collect and analyse data from these sensors, railway operators gain valuable insights into the health and operational status of the infrastructure. Any deviations from normal conditions can be promptly identified, allowing for proactive maintenance interventions to prevent potential issues before they escalate.

This proactive approach minimises the risk of unexpected failures or disruptions, ensuring the optimal performance and reliability of Vlocity trains.

The ultimate result would be data-driven decision-making and overall improvements in operational efficiency across Victoria’s railway network.

Digital Twin Technology

You already know how they work.

These digital twin models accurately model various components, such as tracks, signalling systems, and trains themselves. It is a great way to simulate real-world scenarios. The operators can conduct predictive analysis and scenario planning to anticipate potential issues and optimise operations.

Digital Twin also backs up better decision-making by providing insights into the impact of changes or interventions before implementation.

For instance, adjustments to train schedules or maintenance procedures can be tested virtually to assess their efficacy and potential consequences. This advanced approach minimises disruptions, enhances reliability, and improves efficiency by a few layers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Safety Systems

It can enhance the safety of Victoria’s Vlocity trains and passengers via the use of advanced algorithms to detect potential safety hazards in real time.

By integrating AI into the train’s monitoring systems, the technology can swiftly identify various threats, such as track obstructions, unauthorised access attempts, or equipment malfunctions. Once detected, the AI algorithms can trigger appropriate responses or alerts. This encourages timely intervention to prevent accidents or disruptions.

For example, if a sensor detects an object on the tracks, the AI system can automatically notify train operators to initiate emergency braking procedures.

While continuously monitoring and analysing data from various sources, AI-based safety systems ensure proactive risk mitigation and enhance the safety and reliability of Vlocity trains.

CCTV and Satellite Technology for Inspection

Employing this technology for inspection can bolster the operational reliability of Victoria’s Vlocity trains by providing comprehensive surveillance and monitoring capabilities.

CCTV cameras strategically placed along railway lines and within train compartments enable continuous monitoring of critical areas for any anomalies or safety concerns in real time. On the other hand, satellite technology offers a broader perspective, allowing for remote monitoring of vast stretches of railway infrastructure, including remote or inaccessible areas.

When integrating these technologies, operators can promptly detect issues such as track defects, unauthorised intrusions, or potential hazards. This encourages swift responses to ensure uninterrupted train operations.

Furthermore, the combination of CCTV and satellite technology facilitates data-driven decision-making, enhances situational awareness, and maximises the efficiency of the whole VLocity network.

Collaborating with Tigernix Technologies to Ensure VLocity Trains Perform Optimally


Since you have read the whole article, you know how important it is for the Victorian transportation authorities to make the new VLocity train project successful. With the employment of modern technology, this can be done successfully, and they can achieve the perfection of the project for sure.

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