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The burgeoning populations and urban sprawl rapidly increase the demand for potable drinking water across the globe. However, the exponentially rising growth of algae blooms in reservoirs affects water quality in water systems and wastewater recycling processes. The harmful Cyanobacteria (or blue-green algae) discolours water, releases toxins and directly affects the drinking water quality of water bodies. Some algae blooms have also impacted in killing livestock, devastating the fish and most dangerously contaminating pure water. Consuming water affected by toxic algae may cause various health problems to consumers, like eye irritations, rashes, swollen lips, earaches, fever, skin tumours and more. This is why many water system managers find algae detection technology crucial in water system management.

Predictive Algae Detection Technology facilitates Water and Wastewater Utility Service Providers in significantly optimising the monitoring capabilities of algal blooms and predicting the algae levels using non-contact methodologies. Tigernix enables a user-friendly and intuitive solution that uses autonomous monitoring tools to track algae behaviours and their impact on the water quality levels of any water system. Detecting harmful algae blooms in real-time helps asset managers to learn that their assets are optimally treating and purifying water up to the required standards. Tigernix delivers the best monitoring technologies, executes algae-sensitive water treatment processes, and generates actionable insights to distribute clean algae-free water for consumers. Many water and wastewater systems rely on Tigernix Algae Detection Technologies to keep their water services up to top-notch standards.

Tigernix Algae Detection Technology in the Water Industry

Tigernix Algae Detection Technology allows Water Asset Managers to apply competent situ fluorometers to gain real-time statistics of algae bloom behaviours in water supply systems. Our substantial Algae Detection Tools and Technologies validate real-time treatment process exertions based on the criticality of algae blooms and prescribe reactive chemical adjustments based on event-based algae spreads

IIoT-based sensor technologies enabled by Tigernix help water managers to detect cyanobacteria in water masses like reservoirs and treatment plants within a few minutes. The visualised scalable dashboards of our asset solutions illustrate algae-centred parameters- all historical, present and predicted impending algae levels- using AI-driven models too.

The insightful information visualised by our smart monitoring tools will help water specialists to deduce algae influence rates in pure water and ensure that the water quality and quantity of your water supply systems are up to the required standards. Tigernix Algae Detection Technology is the most reliable technology in ensuring that your water services are of the best health and safety conditions and delivered punctually and uninterrupted to your consumer's taps.

Tigernix Algae Detection Technology in the Wastewater Industry

Wastewater reclamation can be for many purposes; it can be used in water fountains, theme parks, swimming pools, environmental purposes, wildlife corridors, agriculture and irrigation, industrial processes and many more. Ensuring that your recycled wastewater is not intoxicated with harmful algal blooms is therefore crucial before being distributed for reuse to ensure the safety and health of end-consumers of recycled water.

Algal Remediation Technology also plays a main role in wastewater treatment operations. Tigernix Algae Detection Technology helps to ensure that hydrothermal carbonisation practices carry reassured results with recycled water that meet required quality standards. Our proprietary Algae Bloom Sensors will smartly monitor the chlorophyll-a concentration in your recycled water to make sure that your water is safe to be reticulated to target wastewater-using locations.

Tigernix Algal Bloom Detection Technology visualises BGA distribution levels in real-time and predicts algae distribution trends using smart AI technological tools too. Despite the variability in algal toxins detected in your wastewater, our proprietary technology will ensure that bloom initiation is foreseen and controlled at the right time for better wastewater reclamation processes.

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