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Tigernix Mechanical Asset Solution facilitates four main mechanical assets starting from industrial pumps, fans, compressors to an assortment of valves. This solution ensures that your mechanical systems like HVS, MVHR, Car Park Ventilation Systems and more do not face spontaneous downtime, risks or worse, injuries during the operation. This solution is advanced with smart technologies that are recognised by asset managers of the new age. It uses AI, Digital Twin, Simulation, Predictive Analytics and a range of more technologies that ensure your mechanical assets are resilient, reliable and unfaltering despite the dynamicity of external and structural changes.

Mechanical Pump Asset Solution

Dispel all the risks and failures rooted in unscheduled pump failures and address the shortcoming in pump overhaul efforts efficiently

Mechanical Fan Asset Solution

Quantify fan conditions and exploit immersive fan monitoring tools for smarter, faster and accurate fan condition inspection

Mechanical Valve Asset Solution

Ensure that your investment and funding for valve maintenance does not address dispensable valve asset expenses

Mechanical Compressor Asset Solution

The problematic failures, leakages and substandard performances of compressors meet a permanent stop here with our solution

Tailor comprehensive budgets based on demands, financial viability and asset conditions of your organisation in the most resourceful manner

Tigernix Mechanical Solution is an intelligent software suite that addresses all drawbacks, limitations and challenges in mechanical asset management and maintenance and controls the risk, cost and performance of your assets based on your signature organisational needs.

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