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All industrial asset tacticians employ Digital Twin Technology to execute many asset-centric actions. Even though many industrial practitioners misunderstand a Digital Twin to be a mere virtual representation of physical assets, this technology is an indispensable technological capability for asset solutions of the new age for many reasons.

Digital Twin technology does make 3D representations of industrial assets to enable a hands-on virtual experience for asset managers to manipulate a mockup model to monitor asset coordinates, alignments and parameters, but it does not stop here. It also enables simulation capacities, where the user is allowed to manipulate parameters to assess hypothetical events for specific event evaluation in the virtual world. The other advantage of this technology is that it has incredible integration potential, where it collects and stores data from dispersed data sources into a single visualised point. It can also be advanced with predictive and prescriptive analytics to give insightful and forward-looking overviews of critical assets.

Tigernix Industrial Asset Software Solutions are advanced with the Digital Twin Technology, allowing industrial practitioners to facilitate and optimise asset management efforts with all the technological advantages this technology offers. With Digital Twin Technologies optimising our solutions, Tigernix Asset Solutions have elevated into hi-tech solutions that enable effortless visualisation and monitoring tools for asset-dependent industrial establishments in Australia.

Tigernix Digital Twin in the Water Industry

Tigernix Water Solutions enable the Digital Twin Capability starting from the Catchment Infrastructure, Distribution Infrastructure, Treatment Infrastructure to Reticulation Infrastructure. Key stakeholders in the Water Industry can exploit these advantages to manipulate virtual models of the end-to-end water infrastructure to gain hydraulic and other impactful parametric readings that influence the performance and conditions of assets at a single console.

Digital Twin allows water asset utilisers to compare the actual and desired performance levels to learn about the reliability and success rates of their asset deployment and maintenance efforts. Most importantly, this technology can be used by water asset custodians to simulate events with situational and operational data to learn success rates in certain strategies; this feature is vital in enabling seamless water services for their consumer communities. They can test whether their efforts, operations, and plans fit their communities’ current water service demands by simply stroking parameter scales.

Detailed visualisation, interoperability, and success-guaranteed water asset-related decisions generation by our Digital Twin Capability make this capability the best visualisation technology upgrade for any water asset solution. Furthermore, Tigernix ensures to build high-functioning user-defined digital twins for any complex water system.

Tigernix Digital Twin in the Wastewater Industry

The Tigernix Digital Twin Technology is built to facilitate four main Wastewater Process Stages: Wastewater Collection, Wastewater Pumping, Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater Reuse. Wastewater Utility Service Enablers can harness a flagship Digital Twin that will allow them to monitor overall processes of Wastewater Systems that are disparately located across cities using a single tweakable 3D Twin.

The monitoring capabilities of this technology exquisitely facilitate wastewater systems because it accumulates wastewater data from various sources to enable precise predictive and prescriptive analytics advancements. It illustrates impending water collection risks, wastewater quantity levels based on predicted inflow rates, future event-driven pumping strategies, 10-years-ahead investment profiles and more.

The Simulation Capabilities unlocked by this technology allows the water filtration systems to apprehend risks, failures and decontamination methods that can prefabricate healthy wastewater process operations based on hypothetical but probable events.

With a better assessment of the success rates of the wastewater-related asset deployment, wastewater managers can simply exploit our Digital Twin to analyse the performance, mitigate all wastewater spending and dispel all risks in their colossal wastewater infrastructure using a single interactive and intuitive visualisation platform.

Tigernix Digital Twin in the Transportation Industry

Tigernix Digital Twin Technology also enables asset modelling capabilities for transportation infrastructure. The advanced virtual mockup models of roads, bridges, sidewalks, culverts and more allow your transportation asset managers to gain consolidated views of the current asset conditions, remaining usable asset lifetimes and all end-to-end parameters that must be closely supervised.

Since Tigernix Transportation Technology accommodates accurate and proactive inspections, the current conditions of your assets will be visualised in a tweakable and interactive digital model. For example, suppose the user needs to address the real-time transportation asset usage statistics, pavement and surface parameters, current weather conditions. In that case, they can simply manipulate the 3D model to gather all asset-centric data.

Furthermore, the Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Technologies allows the Digital Twin Technology to visualise forthcoming parametric data, statistics and asset condition information based on the insights generated by battle-tested AI models. Therefore, impending deterioration patterns, risks, failures, sustainment needs can all be visualised in this model too.

The Simulation Technology advances the Digital Twin Model to mimic asset conditions and behaviours in various situations. Transportation Infrastructure Managers can simply manipulate data scales to learn how assets behave in specific probable incidents and watch how the asset changes based on these events.

Simply, our Digital Twin Technology ensures that your roads are safer, healthier and are constantly meeting the best levels of services throughout their lifetime.

Tigernix Digital Twin in the Mechanical Industry

Tigernix Digital Twin Technology plays an important role in allowing asset managers to assess the remaining service life and sustainment requirements of mechanical assets. Our proprietary digital twin technology ensures confident reliability and availability rates of all your mechanical assets starting from a single nut and bolt to valves, pumps, compressors to massive tunnel fans.

Tigernix Digital Twins will design 3D or 2D virtual representations of mechanical assets that can be interacted with or tweaked to view real-time condition parameters of structural and operational statuses of the assets. The IIoT-driven virtual sensors will simulate the real-time, past and predicted parameters of your assets in these models and help you get an immersive intuitive understanding of the condition of your assets and the best financial decisions you should make to expand their longevity.

Our digital twins will help your mechanical asset managers to balance power consumptions, runtime, performances, maintenance demands, risks, costs and more asset-oriented aspects using Tigernix Digital Twin Technology.

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