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Global Asset Utilisers in various industrial spheres are constantly challenged due to their inability to get real-time insights, status reports and performance analysis before it’s too late. But asset-heavy industrial practitioners who rely on the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology are known to overcome these challenges and are pervasive in the industrial world for being agile, smarter and insightful than other companies.

Modern industrial asset managers find IIoT a technology that allows them to bring unlimited asset networks together and advance collective operational performance optimisation with predictive and prescriptive analytics. This technology empowers asset evaluation, maintenance and predictive processes of isolating risks, delays, degradation patterns and suboptimal performance standards of dynamic assets in ever-expanding networks.

Tigernix Asset Solutions are advanced to adopt IIoT technologies for combining any type of smart assets to promote machine-to-machine communication. Tigernix IIoT technology enables a consolidated dashboard that allows asset managers to utilise resources efficiently, improve security and safety of asset systems, enhance data collection by more than 40% and minimise human efforts outstandingly.

We offer IIoT technology solutions for any complex asset-intensive network to ensure that all your industrial assets are high-functioning, reliable and durable. Our IIoT Solutions have facilitated a range of industrial domains and remain to be the unrivalled IIoT technology in Australia.

Tigernix IIoT in the Water Industry

With the population growing and the demand for fresh water being unforgiving in Australia, Water Utility Service Providers are often disabled in meeting the dynamic water demand standards on time. Tigernix helps water utility practitioners to overcome the challenges and limitations of seamless service deliveries by the IIoT technology. Our proprietary solutions are empowered with IIoT technology to reshape water utility operations with dramatically optimised, smarter and better insightful decisions.

This solution ensures that no energy is wasted in enabling services, even during dynamic water delivery events, by empowering event-driven analytical capabilities and real-time monitoring capabilities with smart data networks systems. IIoT technology allows advanced interoperability between assets in all sectors of the water infrastructure, starting from the Catchment, Distribution, Treatment and Reticulation. Water Utility specialists make smarter decisions with optimal water leak detection and prediction, water quality assessment, transparency in investment profiling, prescriptive maintenance during specific events and more.

With IIoT-powered consolidated water system management, asset managers in the water industry are facilitated in terms of relatability, flexibility and success when making asset decisions.

Tigernix IIoT in the Wastewater Industry

With water scarcity and pollution rising, leaning towards IIoT technological capabilities is a must for most wastewater utility service enablers in Australia, and Tigernix offers the best IIoT software suites for such systems. Our IIoT-based solution raises the bar in managing nonlinear wastewater systems starting from wastewater collection, pumping, treatment to recycling.

Tigernix IIoT solutions are also renowned for being the best solution for sewage and wastewater systems by city councils around the world. The propensity of this technology to track and detect risks, failures and detrimental events earlier, accurately and reliably makes it an indispensable upgrade for a wastewater system.

Tigernix IIoT solution enables that your end-to-end wastewater system is in perfect control of your asset operators and wastewater managers by eliminating all points of failure to improve energy consumption trends, save spending and upheave asset reliability.

Make your wastewater collection basins weatherproof and healthy, allow foolproof pumping operations, get a bird's eye view of your treatment facilities and calibrate your wastewater recycle networks with IIoT-driven data of our asset solution.

Tigernix IIoT in the Transportation Industry

Tigernix IIoT Technology plays a crucial role in transportation asset maintenance and management. It gives Tigernix Transportation Asset Solution the aspect of being productive, updated and unchallenged with quicker and smarter asset data collection, standardisation and analytics. Tigernix offers low-cost sensor fleets, CCTV and Laser equipment spreads, smart meter networks and other equipment and empowers them with IIoT technologies to suit your transportation utility organisation.

Regardless of how complex your transportation infrastructure would be, this solution will accelerate the improvement of management, maintenance and overhauling transportation infrastructure in a data-driven, condition-based manner. It optimises real-time condition monitoring by providing instant visibility of the operational and conditional statuses of city-wide transportation assets.

Tigernix IIoT has outperformed all IIoT network providers in Australia for it has contributed to cutting off dispensable asset expenses, graphing risk occurrence trends and upheaving the overall performance of assets to meet golden OEE standards. This technology makes meeting ISO 55000 too easy for all transportation asset managers.

Tigernix IIoT in the Mechanical Industry

Tigernix IIoT coupled with unique instrumentation and PLC services makes our technological assistance outshine all other asset technology solution enablers in the market. Mechanical asset custodians can also use this technology to cut down hefty maintenance costs to transparent and indispensable investments with agile, accurate and unbiased asset data.

Tigernix will advance the asset condition monitoring capabilities of your organisation with sensor-equipped mechanical assets that suit your infrastructure and unlock seamless asset data streams, data security protocols, data standardization tools, backup technologies- basically a complete IIoT solution- for your mechanical asset spreads.

This technology will connect mechanical assets with simulation platforms, digital models, smart dashboards, analytical tools and other ‘things’, providing your company with a holistic and reliable system to capitalise asset condition data to make smarter asset decisions. All our new-age solutions will be integrated into your core system, and your success will not be a long way ahead.

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