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Tigernix Transportation Solution is an asset solution that facilitates monitoring, managing and maintaining any type of transportation assets under a smart screen. It uses automated technologies to keep track and monitor surface condition index, pavement condition index and influential parametric behaviours that affect the health, condition, reliability and sustenance of your asset. Use the technological tools of this solution to expand the longevity of your road assets. This solution houses AI and ML models, Digital Twin, Simulation, IIoT-powered transportation infrastructure inspection equipment, visual and laser data analytics, predictive Technologies, GIS mapping and many more smart technologies that transportation utility service of the new age cannot miss.

Highway Asset Management and Visualisation

Make sure your transportation infrastructure’s longevity is expanded by two times, with better performance and zero risks with no additional investments.

Bring down your transportation asset inspection durations from months to a few minutes with Tigernix Transportation Solution

Allow Tigernix to overcome all the limitations of your transportation asset deployment, monitoring, overhauling and refurbishing efforts with less investment but more benefits.
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