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The limitations and shortcomings of the age-based or time-based asset management, overhauling and replacement efforts had led modern asset managers to rely on asset condition-based strategies. Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Technologies play a pivotal role in making asset condition-based endeavours smarter and realistic in tailoring asset management strategies by extracting value and insights from hidden asset data.

This is why modern industrial asset custodians utilise predictive and prescriptive analytics in gaining confident approaches in harnessing industrial assets confidently. Predictive analytics capitalises historical asset data to predict future outcomes or events of asset-intensive systems based on current asset data. This technology mainly facilitates understanding the impending conditions, future suboptimal performance, risks and failures of assets and in labelling asset components based on their criticality levels. Predictive Asset insights optimise processes with early detection of operational anomalies, structural health conditions and other noteworthy elements.

Prescriptive Analytics takes predictive analytics a step further by allowing the asset managers to predict future conditions and tailor corresponding risk control or overhauling strategies to dodge impending detrimental events with forward-looking actions.

Tigernix Smart Asset Solutions are advanced with predictive and prescriptive analytical technologies by holistically and automatically manipulating sensor readings, equipment reading, control system data, and data exerted from all disparate data sources to enable accurate predictions and prescriptions based on realistic asset events and happenings.

Tigernix Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Technologies in the Water Industry

The Water Solutions enabled by Tigernix houses Smart Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Technologies that empower user-defined predictive capabilities and smart prescriptions. Our predictive and prescriptive technologies allow your water systems to meet the best operational efficiencies by manipulating real-time asset data to forecast probable future asset scenarios.

Tigernix Predictive Technology Tools were developed by domain experts and technology specialists and is trained in realistic water infrastructure scenarios to enable asset predictions with various parameters. It predicts water asset degradation patterns, risks, failures, performance drops and other parametric behaviours correctly.

When coupled with simulation technology, our predictive tools illustrate predicted asset parameters on various occasions too. The prescriptive analytics tools of our solutions will be trained according to the unique risk control and maintenance cultures of your water utility centre. It will autonomously generate control measures for maintenance schedules based on data-driven predictions.

For example, suppose your dam water levels are predicted to rise above pre-validated levels within the next 7 days. In that case, our prescriptive tools will generate the needed gate control strategies based on event-driven control measures and dam resilience insights.

Therefore, Tigernix predictive and prescriptive analytics technologies are certainly indispensable technological capabilities for any asset manager operating in the Water Industry.

Tigernix Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Technologies in the Wastewater Industry

Forecasting wastewater flow rates and executing proper management in WWTPs is crucial for all wastewater municipalities or city councils. This is why Tigernix Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Technologies cannot be overlooked when building smart asset solutions for wastewater utility service enablers.

Tigernix Smart Analytics Technologies develops models that predict important parametric behaviours (structural and operational trends) of your wastewater assets to get keen insights on the criticality, remaining operable lifetime and reliability of assets during deployment, utilisation, maintenance and replacement. It also predicts external parametric data like water levels, BGA levels, nitrate and nitrite levels, and other determinants to ensure the resilience of assets during changing environments.

The prescriptive tools are the latest advancements that we have added to autonomously prescribe cost, risk and performance control strategies of assets based on the predicted data insights. These technologies make asset manoeuvring easier, faster and success-guaranteed within a single console.

Tigernix Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Technologies in the Transportation Industry

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics is used in the transportation industry mainly for asset optimisation and expanding longevity with smart and success-guaranteed overhaul and refurbish decisions. Tigernix Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Technologies develops actionable insights to address challenges of critical assets with smart predictive and prescriptive maintenance capabilities.

This technology provides scientifically proven data about transportation asset degradations that can detrimentally lead to unplanned cost, downtime, losses or even injuries if not detected early. This technology quantifies potential risks, delays, failures and suboptimal performances and accelerates proactive and smart maintenance protocols during off-peak hours. This ensures that your transportation services are not interrupted, and your assets do not fail in the most unexpected time.

The prescriptive technology, on the other hand, is trained to tailor asset condition-based risk, cost and performance initiatives based on the predicted parameters, statistics and data set produced by the predictive technology. Tigernix Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Technologies have propelled in contributing self-reliant users to use self-adaptive systems, for it automatedly visualises predicted asset data in a consolidated and new-age manner such as via smart dashboards, digital twins ad GIS maps; making this technology the most admired analytics technology for most transportation asset managers.

Tigernix Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Technologies in the Mechanical Industry

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics has gained recognition in the mechanical industry for their exquisite ability to index the health of various assets to scaffold the asset risk, cost and performance-related decisions executed by mechanical asset-heavy establishments. However, Tigernix Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Technology has resulted in benefiting mechanical system manoeuvring companies in making smart, confident and impactful decisions with predictive insights asset health, conditions and performances.

Our predictive technology propels in predicting the end of mechanical asset lifetimes, trends of asset degradations, impending risks, or asset replacement requirements with smart AI-driven predictive algorithms. The insights enabled by the predictive and prescriptive analytics technologies will assist the user in using the root-cause analysis data to prescribe the best operational, maintenance, cost and risk avoidance strategies unbiasedly and without any human intervention.

This technology provides current data, statuses, parametric behaviours of impending asset scenarios and also helps the user to discern the criticality, risk, failure trends and suboptimal performance of various mechanical assets via a single effort.

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