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Most mechanical system custodians believe that routine checks of water, steam and electricity are essential aspects in taking care of the health and maintenance of mechanical systems. But, overlooking compressed air can affect mechanical systems detrimentally and even lead to expensive and prolonged downtimes in most mechanical systems. Tigernix Mechanical Compressor Asset Solution ensures that your mechanical system will not meet this hazardous fate. This solution is advanced with smart technologies to stabilise the compressor reliability, prolong the longevity and maintain compressor assets with actual asset condition-based insights.
Smart Sensors System

The smart sensors that are empowered by IIoT technology will detect asset conditions like low kinetic energy, slow running equipment, unusual vibration patterns and more

Failure Trend Analysis

The predictive analytics and smart AI-driven ML protocols of this solution will highlight KPIs and graph failure trends of your unique compressors in even more specific environments

Digital Compressor Models

The smart Digital Twin Technology of the solution optimises data collection, predictive analytics, simulation and other asset condition monitoring astoundingly

Critical Asset Tagging

This solution houses Smart Asset Tagging Tools that assess in the remaining lifetime and conditions of assets to tag compressors from ‘their best condition’ to ‘their worst’

Simulate and Analyse

The simulation technology embedded in this solution allows asset managers to simulate different compressor environments to predict required operating conditions, receive clear warnings and respond to change

Smart Financial Budgeting

This solution inherits smart budgeting tools that take budget scenarios into account and tailor investment profiles by address realistic compressor funds, investments that cover only indispensable expenses

Monitoring Tools

The monitoring technologies via intuitive dashboards that illustrate the past, present and impending parameters of the structure, operations and statuses of all compressors assets under one screen

Vibration Analysis

Monitor and isolate KPIs from vibration patterns of cylinders, frames and crossheads of your compressors to trigger alarms for urgent maintenance requirements

Comprehensive Maintenance Archives

Your compressors asset managers, inspectors and operators can use a shared platform to learn about specific compressor information like rod drops, positioning, vibration patterns and more.


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