Mechanical Valve Asset Solution

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Tigernix’s speciality expands to offering smart industrial valve solutions to meet your valve sustainment requirements effortlessly. Tigernix Mechanical Valve Asset Solution is going to facilitate your company starting from valve investment decisions, deployment, testing to complete valve refurbishment with user-defined technology solutions. This solution smartly analyses valve conditions to reassure that your valve networks are not hindered by spontaneous downtime or expensive failures. It uses smart technologies like Digital Twin Models, Simulation Platforms, AI-driven ML Algorithms, Visualised Graphs, Interactive Maps and many more.
GIS for Valves

Modernise your valve systems with our smart GIS technology so that your valve inspectors do not have to visit sites to diagnose valve conditions; they can get an at-a-glance view of all valves under one screen

IIoT Smart Valve

Let Tigernix rig your valves networks with Australia's smartest sensors, actuators and transmitters to monitor valve conditions, services and health 24/7

Isolation Requirement Checker

The AI-driven tools of this solution will suggest isolation requirements of your valves to ensure that your streamlining networks do not succumb to a random downtime because of a faulty valve

Outage Calculators

Measure how our solution diminished the outage rates of your valve systems with accurate outage calculating solutions that we are ready to provide for you

Overhaul Prediction Tools

Tigernix Mechanical Valve Asset Solution predicts the what, how and why your valves should undergo overhaul procedures by predicting risk, failures, like flanges, seal leaks, loose nuts, cracks and more.

Smart Visualisation Dashboards

User-defined dashboards visualisation tools like histograms, interactive scales, charts, curves and more will illustrate operational and structural data and impending risks in quantified representations

Valve Asset Tagging

In-person Condition Walkdowns are not required anymore in your inspection processes because this solution will automatically detect valve degradation trends, criticality and tag them from ‘Very Good’ to ‘Very Poor’.

Valve Investment and Funding

One of the most extraordinary features of this solution is that it provides all information required by valve asset managers to make cost-efficient valve decisions for the next ten years

Valve Simulators

Ensure that your valves are at their best conditions in peculiar operational environments by simulating valve events in our simulation platforms to diagnose event-based valve structural and operational potentials

Virtual Valve Networks

The digital twin technology in our solution inherits accurate virtual representation of your valve networks, giving you immersive insights into their conditions


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