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Wastewater Treatment Solution optimises wastewater treatment plants with our proprietary technology tools that monitor and predict precipitation and pH reactions, oxygen or aeration, all gas-liquid interactions and more of your treatment plants. Harness the digital twin, simulation, AI, GIS maps, predictive and prescriptive analytics and more technologies to implement unique municipality-oriented control strategies, wastewater plant operations. We enable advanced process modelling tools, a flexible smart software platform, astute statistical analyses and more to gain a clear risk, cost, performance analysis of your treatment centres under consolidated visualisation dashboards.

Treatment Plant Designer

Tigernix Treatment Plant Designer Tools allows your asset managers to calibrate treatment plants and plan the investment protocols ten years before actual spending. Tigernix enabled 3D Twin Models configured to meet the signature needs of municipalities based on their unique LOS trends, demands, and assortments of treatment asset conditions.

3D Interaction Platforms

Unlock a current 3D model of your existing treatment plant network to learn how you can effectively calibrate your treatment networks based on real-time demands

Advanced Control Strategy Initiators

Emulate your existing treatment centres by developing and calibrating smartly executed process models

Automated Infrastructure Validation Tools

Ensure that your treatment designs do not overlook any health, safety or environmental regulation when augmenting treatment plant networks

Engineering Deliverable Generators

The plant designer modules enable automatic generation tools to grasp engineering deliverables during wastewater treatment plant design and modelling

Integrated Plant Model Platform

Interconnect all treatment process systems situates in your city or state to create a holistic view of city-wide biological, chemical and physical parametric representations in one model

Treatment Plant Modelling

Build 3D models of your treatment centres to illustrate service measures, risks, resources, complete lifecycle costs and more under one smart screen

Investment Recovery Tool

The innovative investment recovery tools of this solution allow your asset manager to recover dispensable expenses during the first treatment planning cycle


Treatment Plant Optimiser

Tigernix Treatment Plant Optimiser Technology is designed to combine AI, Digital Twin, Simulation and other smart technologies to avoid water quality hazards, identify quintessential process improvements, plus predict risks, spending and performance variations of all your treatment centres under one screen. Technologies under this feature simply ensure that your treatment processes are constantly in their forms.

Aeration Plan Executors

Smart aeration system sizing and aeration input prediction tools helps your managers to determine how to sustain favourable oxygen concentration levels during operations

Carbon Footprint Calculators

The battle-tested energy optimisation tools of our solution will activate GHG Footprint calculators to ensure that your CO2 emissions are under legal emission caps

Dynamic Process Simulation

Investigate how the dynamic treatment operations of your treatment centre affect the condition, reliability and sustenance of your treatment assets

Real-time Treatment Operation Monitoring Screen

View the current operational, structural and external influential parameters of your treatment plants in real-time

Real-time Treatment Progress Trackers

Ensure that the operational treatment progress in reaching better states rather than diminishing with laggard asset performances

Treatment Event Prediction

Feed the required treatment process, asset and demand information to our predictive protocols to predict imminent treatment events accurately

User-friendly Process Optimisation Dashboards

Run advanced integrated models and implement smart control strategies to optimise treatment operators via interactive dashboards


Intuitive Treatment Prediction

One of the most not-to-be-missed features of Tigernix Wastewater Solution is the predictive technologies enabled in wastewater treatment endeavours. This technological capability allows your treatment centre operators to gain the powerful deterministic and predictive tools to anticipate actual events, predict operation and asset performances and dodge risks efficiently.

Event-based Mass Transfer Strategy Prescription

Based on treatment operations, this solution enables mass transfer strategies for the best oxygen modelling and optimal gas-liquid interaction

Financial Viability Prediction

This tool will smartly address the financial viability rate of your systems to analyse all budget scenarios of or future treatment events and predict whether your treatment spending is feasible or not

Forecast Operating Performance

This solution uses smart technologies to predict the performance of your treatment systems based on their predicted criticality, degradation and reliability levels

Precipitation and pH Value Prediction

Predict parametric data of your treatment cycles like residual, precipitation, pH values and more to understand whether your water quality levels will be affected under changing scenarios

Risk and Failure Prediction

Predict all condition-based, structural, operational and environmental risks and failures of your treatment plants accurately

Set Point Highlighters

The deterministic and predictive technologies to prescribe the best set points for the next seven days with smart ML models and predictive technologies


Water Treatment Investment

Tigernix Asset Solutions uses the best battle-tested AI models, predictive analytics tools and reporting technologies to smartly tailored forward-looking investment profiles for your treatment assets. These tools help your wastewater utility service enabling the body to achieve outstanding cost savings in initiating treatment operations and by highlighting sharable costs, dispensable costs, associated costs and ways to control them cost-effectively.

AI-based investment Profiling

Autonomously tailor investment profiles for your treatment centres by addressing all resourceful budget scenarios in the next ten years

Consolidated Treatment Lifecycle

The treatment equipment of your treatment facilities will be monitored, assessed and maintained throughout their lifecycle, and our investment tools will represent all expenses under one timeline

Financial Report Archive

The financial report achieve offers easier historical financial record exploring with user-friendly tools and embedded KPI archives

Equipment Renewal Cost Estimation Tools

The renewal expenses for your treatment equipment will be estimated based on the criticality and availability of suitable vendors

Oxygen Efficiency-based Operational Costing

Gain a full-scale financial viability statistic based on the operational dynamicity and aeration efficiencies of your treatment centres

User-defined investment Profiling

This solution also offers the user to tailor their investment profiles as an alternative investment technology other than our AI-based investment features


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