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Tigernix Wastewater Collection Solution is built to ensure that your wastewater collection pipelines and basins are in the best condition to operate substantially. Many municipalities are challenged in tackling sludge residuals, precipitations and congestions in collection lines. This is why our solution houses the best pipe inspection technologies. Tigernix is a leading asset technology provider for harnessing IIoT-powered CCTV and Laser Equipment, Visual Image Analytics, 3D Pipe Representation Technology, Pipe Timeline Tools and other technological advancements for keen, accurate and time-efficient pipe inspection processes. With outstanding asset technologies, it mainly optimises your wastewater collection infrastructure’s design, construction, operational, and maintenance phases.

Wastewater Network Maintenance

Tigernix Wastewater Network Maintenance technologies are recognised by most domain-specific professionals in the wastewater field for their preciseness in inspecting collection pipelines with extraordinary technological tools. This solution is advanced with proprietary Tigernix technology to schedule maintenance inspections, learn criticality levels of assets, real-time pipeline conditions and other noteworthy asset upkeep parameters under a smart screen. We pioneer in practically using IIoT equipment, visual and laser analytics to mitigate pipe inspection efforts to a one-person job.

Basin Maintenance Service Availability Model

Learn the sustenance and maintenance requirements of your collection basins and ensure the maintenance service availability during peak upkeep events under one screen

Collection Infrastructure Criticality Analysis

Get futureproof analysis in your collection infrastructure’s longevity, operational lifetime, critically and isolate weak infrastructure for prompt maintenance initiatives

Collection Network Degradation Model

Gain end-to-end visibilities on the degradation patterns of your pipe infrastructure under a scalable AI-driven model

IIoT CCTV Equipment Systems

Remotely control your smart inspection equipment fleets to get clear footage of pipe conditions and save your videos in cloud-based platforms advanced with automated backup technologies

Image Analytics

Let our smart algorithms manipulate your visual and laser data to learn the pipe pothole diameters, sludge collection, pipe crack length and gather structural statistics within few minutes

Laser Technology-Driven Monitoring

The innovative laser technology will scan the interior condition of wastewater collection pipelines to detect all conditional pipe changes intuitively

Risk, Cost and Performance Prediction Technology

Predict the overhead spending, investment requirements, impending risks and performance fluctuations of your wastewater collection assets under a single glass pane

Sanitary Sewer Collection Network Track and Tracers

Track and trace the conditional hazards, damages and decays of your Sanitary Sewer Collection Network with our IIoT sensor and GIS technology

Specific Collection Event Simulator​

Harness the simulation technology to augment parameters of specific collection effects to learn how the maintenance requirements of your pipeline assets change under different circumstances

Wastewater Collection Prediction

Predict the dynamic operational intakes of your collection systems ad learn how it affects the infrastructure’s health and sustainability


Wastewater Network Design

Learn the best wastewater collection network designs based on all influential parameters of your collection operations. Tigernix Wastewater Network Design Module allows asset operators, managers and engineers to gain comprehensive insights into external impacts, wastewater service demands, pipe structural changes, sludge production rates and more for effective wastewater network design efforts.

Budget Forecasting Tools

Forecast your spending allocations for wastewater network designing expenses for the next 10 years.

Collection Network Optimisation Analysis Tools

Use simulation technologies to calibrate and visualise the best operational networks of your wastewater systems

Existing Network Risk Analysis

Learn the risk, failures and operational inefficacies of your current wastewater network designs under one screen

Extreme Weather Event Simulation

Get weather-related events-based insights to study the resilience, sustainability and serviceability of your existing wastewater networks for better analysis

Private Sewer Lateral Design Integration

Use an intelligent digital twin to reconfigure and expand your wastewater networks to incorporate lateral private sewer lines too

Wastewater Collection Investment Plan

Get an end-to-end investment plan valid for the next decade with the best budget scenarios based on asset condition and event-based insights

Wastewater Collection Upsize Prescription

Refurbish your wastewater system basin with the prescriptive tools that guide on why, how and when your collection infrastructure should expand

Water Collection Vs Risk Predictors

Predict impending risks and detrimental impacts of your existing collection infrastructure based on probable future collection event


Wastewater Network Construction

Tigernix Collection Solution houses a smart module that helps your asset managers to be updated on the changes happening in your collection networks. With smart tools and new-age technologies to guide the user on constructional changes, possible upgrades and compliance checkers, your collection networks are sure to meet their next operational standards with expanding longevity.

3D Water Collection Mode

Manipulate an accurate digital model of your wastewater collection network to gain actionable insights on structural changes

Isolate Construction Management

Learn healthier ways to isolate wastewater networks from drinking water lines in a cost-efficient manner

Living Environment Compliance Checker

Make sure your network calibration efforts do not breach any environmental rules and regulations

Pipe Installation Digital Twin

Install or replace pipes in the virtual replica of pipe networks to see how it impacts your level of service and your journey in meeting dynamic community demands

Sewage Rehabilitation Models

Harness the power of smart visualisation with GIS maps, digital models and intuitive dashboards to isolate damaged or dysfunctioning sewage lines

Storm Water Simulation

The simulation technology of this solution allows you to manipulate parametric scales to invent probable heavy rainfall scenarios to test the resilience of your pipelines

Weatherproof and Sustainability Analytics

Learn how competent your wastewater collection pipelines are in future by manipulating exact scientific, structural and environmental data


Wastewater Network Operations

Tigernix Wastewater Network Operations is a sensor-oriented technology suite that guides the user in understanding the gap between the current performance and desired operational excellence of wastewater collection networks. This technology allows you to gain insightful visualisation of the present, expected and predicted performance levels of your wastewater collection efforts.

3D Basin and Pipe Network Monitoring

Get a real-time consolidated view on updated statuses of your wastewater collection systems via a tweakable 3D Twin

Automated Risk Prediction Algorithms

Predict the risks and other detriments of your wastewater collection systems by feeding structural, operational and external parametric data to our smart algorithms

Detrimental Incident Simulation

Harness the precise simulation platforms to mirror probable wastewater collection incidents to investigate the impact on your services and asset conditions

GIS Maps

Exploit the city-wide visualisation capabilities of our GIS tools to view the operational conditions of your expansive pipe networks under one screen

Illegal Wastewater Release Prevention

Make sure that your wastewater collection services are not accidentally breaching compliances and affecting the community with unprecedented pipeline breakages

Interactive Pipe Lifecycle Timeline

Stroke a timeline tool to learn the lifecycle of each pipeline, starting from pipe installation to pipe replacement

Sewage Service Performance Analysis

Get a clear cut view of the performance of your sewage lines and contrast actual performance with the auto-generated or user-defined desired performance parameters

Wastewater Quantity Monitoring and Prediction

Get a real-time view of the wastewater quantity levels and anticipate future wastewater quantity levels as illustrated by our visualised dashboards to gain an insightful perspective of your operations.


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