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Tigernix Wastewater Solution extends its asset solution’s services to facilitate water recycling operations, from reusable water production to supplying recycled water to disparate target locations. This software module is a multifaceted technology that ensures that recycled water meets the required quality and quantity standards continuously. It is advanced with smart technologies that allow the asset managers in the reusable water sector to make decisions with autonomously generated and scientifically scaffolded insights.

Wastewater Reclamation Monitoring

This solution enabled asset managers to monitor wastewater reclamation operations under a smart screen and ensure that the assets housed in the reclamation centres are holding to their best performable conditions. It ensures that the reclamation processes are not inaccurately executed and that water quantities and qualities meet the necessitated levels all the time.

3D Asset Positioning

Smartly deploy your asset reclamation networks in their optimal designs for resourceful and timely reclamation processes

Disinfection Process Monitoring

Ensure that the disinfection processes of your water recycling plants meet the required water health and safety compliances

Nutrient Removal Assessment Tools

This solution can be advanced to detect the performance of the BNR processes and detect KPIs autonomously

Real-time Water Supply Analysis

Ensure that your community’s recycled water reusing locations are supplied with the required quantities of water in a timely manner

Recycled Water Disinfectant Progress Visualisation

Get real-time visualisation capabilities of tracking the progress of your disinfectant efforts for better reuse water purifying strategies

Recycled Water Quality Systems

Examine the recycled water quality with smart meters empowered by IIoT and gain a full-scale insight into your recycles water tanks

Water Filtration and Distribution Network Monitoring Tools

Get the city-wide monitoring capability via intuitive, scalable dashboards, GIS maps and digital models for smarter real-time insights


Wastewater Reclamation Maintaining

Ensure that your water reclamation assets like sewage treatment centres assets, urban recycled water supplying pumps and pipelines and other related assets are maintained or refurbished based on condition-based information. This software provides all technological tools required to isolate critical assets, execute condition-based maintenance protocols and reassure the best OEE standards in your reclamation assets.

Critical Asset Simulation

Simulate events to isolate assets that are anticipated to fail during upcoming events and maintain them to remain resilient during specific asset scenarios

GIS-centric City-wide Water Reuse Asset Maintenance

The ArcGIS interfaces of the solution give a city-scale promptly view of the condition, health and remaining serviceable lifetime of assets and highlight assets that are prone to fail or face risks

Water Reuse Equipment Risk Trend Analysis

The smart AI-driven risk prediction protocols predict risk trends, failures and all other impending asset condition-based detriments accurately

Water Reuse Network Infrastructure Degradation Models

Learn the end-to-end life cycles of your reclamation assets and explore the dynamic degradation rates of various assets under one screen


Water Renewal Production Performance

Meeting the best performance rates in your recycled water production processes can be painstaking with the changing demands, dynamically failing assets and the disruptive impacts of inconsistent health and safety compliances. Tigernix Wastewater Reuse Software ensures that your water recycling performances are always meeting their excellent standards with smart tools and technologies.

Ageing Asset Performance Evaluation

Evaluate the declining performances and predict future substandard performances of all your assets under one screen

Event-driven Impact Analysis

Study the impacts of changing events, and specific scenarios of your reclamation establishment with parametrically manipulated simulation platforms

Multiple Reuse Facility Evaluation Dashboards

Investigate the performance trends and changes of your multiple recycled water production centres to get an organisation-scale insight

Sophisticated Demand Prediction

Predict unique demands by ML algorithms that are battled tested with your asset data to predict reuse water demands to ensure your centre performance levels are in preferred standards


Water Renewal Supply Optimisation

Optimise the recycled water supply network with reassured supply pipeline health, risk-free maintenance protocols and many other technological capabilities that make sure that your recycled water supply systems are unfaltering and meet the best LOS despite fluctuating demands and environmental conditions.

Advance Legislative Priority Tools

The smart tools of this software can be trained to ensure that your supply operation comply with serious legislative conditions without human assistance

Community Awareness Program enabled through 3D Representations

Conduct immersive presentations using 3D models and attractive, smart visualisation tools to ensure the community that your recycle water efforts are reliable, persistent and are of the best quality standards

Data-driven Value Framework Optimisation

Capitalise recycled water asset data and operational performance KPIs and other informative parameters to optimise the value of your recycled water services

Portable and Industrial Water Reuse Project Archives

Exploit a cloud-driven archive with information related to all your past, present and anticipating water reuse projects in your community

Prompt Communication Platforms

Prompt communication allows the water reuse centres and recycled water using locations like nature parks, wildlife corridors, water fountains, recreation parks, agricultural centres and more to communicate easily.

Transparent Funding Strategies

All your wastewater reuse centre’s asset expenses, like overhauling costs, maintenance expenses plus others, can be transparently reported, and impending expenses can even be accurately predicted with the best budget scenarios by this tool

Wastewater Heat Recovery Tools

This solution also innovates new reclamation purposes like generating upkeep strategies for wastewater heat exchanging equipment


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