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Smartly expanding the longevity of fan assets of your mechanical fans like Axial, Mixed Flow, Tangential, Centrifugal, HVLS Fans and other industrial fans is guaranteed with Tigernix Mechanical Fan Asset Solution. With smoother operations and unscheduled risk-free functions, your expensive fan investments will be financed and not unnecessarily frittered away by your organisation. This solution houses new-age technologies like AI and ML models, Digital Twin, Simulation Technologies, ArcGIS interfaces, Intuitive Visualisation Dashboards and more. This technology suite offers marvellous technology tools that your organisation can wield to healthily deploy, utilise, manage, maintain and replace expensive fan assets in a relatable, efficient and cost-effective manner.
Virtual Fan Replicas

The digital twin technologies of this solution replicate the actual structural, operational and functional parameters of your fans in a smart and interactive digital twin

Fan Event Simulators

Simulate extreme fan events like climatic changes, seasons like winter or summer or any event in particular and investigate the current, desired and impending statuses of fan assets

IIoT Fan Sensors

Tigernix offers instrumentation and PLC services for IIoT-driven sensor networks that are sensitive to fan vibrations, speed, temperature levels and alignment degrees for data-driven fan asset management and maintenance

Condition-based AI Models

The reliability, performance and criticality of fan assets will be accurately illustrated via visualisation tools for condition-based insights

Investment and Budgeting Tools

The AI-driven investment and budget planning tools will take all effective budget scenarios into consideration and tailor the subsequent 10-year-ahead fan investment profiles precisely

Predictive and Prescriptive Technology

Our innovative solution is trained to manipulate past and current asset data to predict impending risks, failures and suboptimal performances before the occurrence

Smart Dashboards

The smart dashboards of our solution illustrates the air volumes, temperature and pressure changes plus all noteworthy asset parameters intuitively

Fan Degradation Models

Exploit unique scalable models that illustrate curves of the unique degradation patterns of your mechanical fans and detect KPIs autonomously


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