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Smart Sensor Technology plays a vital role in industrial asset management since modern age asset management efforts are motivated to have minimal human interaction. Smart Sensor Systems overcome all the limitations in complex, time-consuming manual asset monitoring endeavours. It plays a major role in asset optimisation because it will constantly ensure that all assets are being utilised optimally and are working as desired by the asset utilisers.

Smart Sensor Systems are often integrated into early warning systems that trigger alarms proactively when they detect abnormal asset performances like unusual vibration patterns, suboptimal fan speeds, the undesired temperature of bearings or low fluid pressure rates and more. It smartly tracks asset conditions of various assets over their lifecycles and helps asset managers in adjusting operations, cutting down costs and scheduling maintenance programs based on the actual asset conditions.

Tigernix Sensor Technology guides asset managers in making real-time asset condition-based information to save billions of dollars with interconnected smart sensor systems. Based on the asset condition monitoring services, Tigernix enables PLC and instrumentation services along with intelligent asset solutions to manage and maintain assets confidently.

Tigernix Smart Sensor Technology is capable of meeting the asset condition monitoring demands of any asset dependent industrial practitioner. We provide the full suite of hardware and software systems to allow your asset managers to transparently view asset behavioural patterns, detect degradation trends and predict impending failures of assets with accurate sensor-driven asset data.

Tigernix Sensor Technology in the Water Industry

Tigernix Sensor Technology for Tigernix Water Asset Solution is advanced with keen integration with AI and ML models, GIS Maps, Digital Twi Technology and other technological advantages to enable water asset managers to view sensor-driven asset data immersively.

Tigernix enabled water flow and pressure monitoring sensors and solution that helps your water operators to view the performance of your water pipelines spread from the catchment to consumer tap under one scalable screen.

The water quality and quantity sensors enabled by Tigernix allows your infrastructure operators to monitor whether the water quality and quantity levels are in the desired standards and trigger prompt alerts if any anomaly is detected. For example, during unfavourable weather conditions, there is a chance that your dam would overtop, but the sensor technology will autonomously notify gate and valve operators to take the necessary precaution to keep dam water levels under the desired levels. These smart sensors can detect parameters like temperature, chlorine levels, PH and conductivity levels, turbidity, sample pressure, BGA levels and more.

Tigernix’s IIoT-powered smart sensor systems, along with integrated SCADA systems, will help you water asset managers to keep track and maintain all water system assets from filtration tanks, pipe networks, pumps, motors and colossal infrastructures under one glass pane.

Tigernix Sensor Technology in the Wastewater Industry

Tigernix Sensor Technology is admired by many wastewater domain experts in Australia for its preciseness and contribution in conserving energy and spending, collecting data to prevent impending risks and delivering prompt insights on enhancing the performance of your assets.

Tigernix enables user-based PLC and instrumentation and IIoT solutions for your wastewater facilities to ensure your assets like pipes, pumps, meters, valves, backflow preventers, manholes, and other assets are in their best condition despite the changing environments and dynamically degrading asset parts. We use temperature, humidity, vibration, fluid flow, pressure, laser sensors and smart sensor types to autonomously direct data streams of asset conditions to analytical tools for better insights.

Tigernix Sensor technology is also used to monitor crucial parameters like pH, BGA or other solids, precipitations, chemical concentrations to smartly address surrogates to measure the quality of wastewater treatment processes. This technology saved a lot of time, money and effort.

Tigernix Sensor Technology in the Transportation Industry

Transportation asset managers are familiar with an array of various sensors such as laser scanners, accelerometers, road profilers, video sensors and more. Tigernix sensor technology is built with advanced spatial data-based methods to monitor the condition of transportation assets via sensors. For example, the laser line sensors that are embedded in our IIoT-powered inspection robot fleets can easily detect the shoving, rutting and other defects of the surface of the road. It completely covers the transverse profile of the transportation assets while the CCTV cameras of the robot capture images of the damaged, deteriorated or degraded areas of the road.

Tigernix calibrates the sensor networks in such a way that not even the most minute structural or operational failure in your transportation asset is overlooked. The sensor-based data of this equipment are later analysed and visualised in 2D or 3D models of transportation assets to get further insights into road failures and smarter and agile ways to control them with favourable financial investment ranges. Tigernix Sensor technology is therefore admired by most transportation infrastructure manoeuvrers for automatically addressing asset condition limitations and predicting transportation asset failure trends for futureproof asset decisions.

Tigernix Sensor Technology in the Mechanical Industry

Leveraging mechanical asset condition data to overhaul, replace and manage the asset components of your MVHR systems, car park ventilation systems, road tunnels and other, mechanical asset-heavy environments is optimal in better asset management and maintenance. Tigernix Sensor technology is simply the unrivalled technology capability that you can use to get the best out of your asset sensor data starting from temperature levels of your motor, vibrations of your pump shafts, speeds of massive industrial fans to endless asset condition inspections.

The IIoT technology of our company empowers mechanical asset data to be manipulated for noteworthy KPI isolation, maintenance program strategising, and a range of asset-based efficient and cost-effective practices. Our sensor solutions will not only be advanced with visualisation and analytics capability but will also be seamlessly integrated with your BMS or core organisational systems for more user-centric asset insights.

Capitalising on the asset sensor data by extracting data using the fastest streaming technologies and AI-driven analytical frameworks are made easier and agile by our sensor technology. Tigernix Sensor Technology will help your asset managers to use sensor-driven data to control the risk, cost and performance of your mechanical asset networks within a single console.

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