We Are Green

We Are Green

Tigernix Pty Ltd is recognised for being an eco-minded and future-oriented company for sharing imperatives to respect, save, and embrace our environment for the sake of the wellbeing of our clients and society at large.

Since its inception in early 2009, the Tigernix Group in Australia has vowed to protect nature and our environment in such a way that our code of conduct or strategies does not harm mother nature in any possible manner. Our newly-recruited employees are trained under strict protocols and well-informed under this initiative before employment, making Tigernix responsible for any environmentally-hazardous action spurred within our premises or by our employees during operation.

We are simply dedicated to conserving our natural resources and preserving our environment for our future generation; this is why our environmentally-sound initiatives exert ‘conservationist practices’ that are encouraged by our company’s culture and ethics.

Active Energy Conservationists

Our offices and work cells are built upon an energy-conserving architecture too! Also, we use the most efficient water equipment to preserve water like pressure washers, faucet aerators, reliable plumbing, drip-free taps and more. Our nature conserving techniques also encourage minimal usage of synthetic and non-organic materials like plastic and glass.

The 3 Rs

Here at Tigernix, we set an example to our observers by using innovative ways to implement viable resource utilisation under three main concepts: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We employ our equipment until their near-zero functionalities by using hi-tech solutions. We reduce the usage of resources and recycle our plastics and other non-decomposing materials.

Green-collar Compliance

We have made sure that our organisational efforts are compliant with the environmental laws, regulations and traditional beliefs of Australia. We execute routine checks and compliant reassuring protocols to make sure that our activities do not jeopardise the environmental regulations at any level.

Tigernix is equipped with Eco-technology

The technologies harnessed by Tigernix are guaranteed to be green and non-polluting to our environment. We leverage high-tech but low-resource-burning devices on our premises to ensure that our machines and equipment are ozone-safe and minimally carbon-emitting during function.