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All asset-intensive infrastructures face a common circumstance with time, which is ageing and degrading assets. Manual inspection of colossal assets like roads, bridges, culverts, railways, massive pipes, is daunting and it takes months to deliver asset condition reports. Asset inspection processes are executed by many employees: in-person asset inspectors, asset operators, asset footage analysers, asset data managers, asset data analysts, statistical reporters and a range of other people.

Tigernix probed this shortcoming to build a solution that overcomes many limitations including daunting asset video monitoring- which usually take months- and representing data results in ever-expanding spreadsheets.

Tigernix harnesses CCTV and Laser Technology to make asset inspection a one-person job and deliver asset condition inspection reports in minutes. The CCTV and Laser Data Analytical Tools of our proprietary asset solutions allow asset inspectors to control CCTV and Laser Equipment Fleets to get a clear video feed of asset conditions.

The videos are then fed to innovative visual and laser data analytics models where the operators can gain information on real-time asset conditions within a few minutes. Asset inspectors will not have to rely on in-person inspections anymore; instead, they can make good use of smart CCTV and laser analytics to count damages, detect criticalities and inspect asset degradation rates with hands-on technological experiences.

Tigernix CCTV and Laser Technologies in the Water Industry

Tigernix CCTV and Laser Technologies in Tigernix Water Solution allows pipe operators to detect pipe conditions effortlessly. It will enable them to feed visual footage and laser readings of various pipes to see pipe waning rates, pipe potholes diameters, pipe damages, pipe seams, pipe crack lengths and many other pipe structural parameters that should not be overlooked when inspecting pipe health. This feature allows pipe inspectors to inspect pipes remotely and saves ample amounts of time, money and effort.

The deductions driven by our CCTV and Laser Data Analytics Tools will be displayed on an interactive Digital Model where asset managers can view the pipe conditions in a simulated environment. The information derived from CCTV and Laser will also be visualised in pipe timeline tools where the pipe inspector or any permitted user can stroke a timeline to see footage or snapshots of pipeline conditions against pipe ages. This will allow the user to gain a comprehensive view of pipe conditions starting from pipe installation to pipe replacement.

Tigernix CCTV and Laser Analytics and other technologies is a pioneering water asset technology in Australia. Tigernix is the unrivalled CCTV and Laser technology providers, for our technologies enable accurate pipe installation, manoeuvring, maintaining and replacement insights based on environment conditions and pipe specifications.

Tigernix CCTV and Laser Technologies in the Wastewater Industry

Tigernix is a pioneer in equipping the latest CCTV and Laser technologies to confidently and precisely execute wastewater collection and reticulation pipe inspection operations. This technology helps pipe operating processes of wastewater to slim down from months to a few seconds. Your wastewater pipe operators can smartly monitor sludge production rates, pipe breakages, cracks, positional deviations, mechanical wear, deformation, corrosion and more in a singular effort.

Pipe Inspectors can remotely guide smart robots with CCTV and Laser technologies without painstaking and unsafe in-person inspections. The laser technology embedded in people inspection robots powered IIoT will pass real-time footage and back them up in a shared cloud platform. The user can retrieve footage from the drive and automatically get insights into the condition of the dynamically degrading wastewater pipes with smart visual data analytics tools in minutes.

Tigernix Pipe Inspection technology with CCTV, Laser, IIoT Fleets, AI-driven Visual and Laser Analytics, Digital Technology and more that makes wastewater pipe inspection a single person self-reliant action.

Tigernix CCTV and Laser Technologies in the Transportation Industry

Tigernix CCTV and Laser technologies empowered inspection robot fleets to smartly detect all sorts of transportation structural impairments within minutes. This technology is trained under realistic transportation environments to detect all sorts of road cracks, including alligator, longitudinal, transverse, wheel track cracks and more. It also detects potholes of various degrees and sizes, revelling, subsidences, bleeding, edge deteriorations, friction surfaces and more.

This technology is simply the easiest, fastest and most insightful way to inspect all transportation assets under one screen. The CCTV and Laser equipment can get laser data and footage and save them in a shared cloud-driven platform for later visual analytics. This technology has proven to slim down asset inspection processes from months to just a few minutes and a disparate-workforce-driven job to a single person action.

Tigernix CCTV and Laser Analytics solution extract the data from the cloud and use smart visual analytics to quantify pavement and surface damages and illustrate them in the smart dashboard, digital twin, interactive asset timelines and GIS maps for further at-a-glance asset condition assessing capabilities.

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