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Tigernix Highway Asset Management and Visualisation is an out-of-the-box software suite that allows asset custodians to manoeuvre transportation assets like highways, bridges, freeways, cycleways, footpaths, culverts, sidewalks and more. This solution plays an important role in the upkeep of critical assets, tailoring transparent and resourceful budget profiles, and anticipating risks with quantified insights under one screen. It is advanced with smart technologies of the new age like Digital Twin, Smart Dashboards, IIoT-driven equipment, Visual Analytics Tools, GIS, AI and ML models, Predictive Models and more.
AI-driven Investment Tools

This smart tool is an indispensable technology to control and save investment, funding and expenditure of transportation infrastructure using AI-driven investment profiles

Asset Criticality Tags

Tag your road assets with 5 types of tags prepared based on criticality degrees from ‘Very Poor’ to ‘Very Good’ to prompt urgent maintenance for critical assets

Condition-based ML Algorithms

These tools allow the user to get actionable insights about the reliability, criticality and remaining operable of your transportation assets

Digital Models

The Digital Twin of your transportation infrastructure will illustrate real-time data, predicted parameters and even simulated information via interactive and tweakable asset models

Early Warning Systems

Allow this solution to sound alarms or trigger notification before the occurrence of risks or any other detriments, giving your asset operators enough time to solve problems

Elastic GIS Maps

The ArcGIS interfaces will allow asset custodians to view transportation asset conditions via interact GIS maps, which can highlight critical assets and other noteworthy parameters visually on a city-wide scale

IIoT-driven CCTV and Laser Robots

The automated IIoT-powered inspection robots will scan the road pavement and surface condition and save laser data and footage in a shared cloud platforms

Multiple Budget Analysis

Tigernix Transportation Solution uses smart insights to address multiple budget scenarios and filter the best budgets for the next 10 years by taking financial constraints, viability and soundness into account

Precise Risk Analysis

The simulation and predictive analytics tools will smart tailor risk, cost and performance control measures that are necessary for facing probable risk in future like storms, floods, heavy traffic and more

Reliability Models

The reliability curves of this solution represent the reliance, longevity and sustenance of your assets based on their conditions for faster asset condition insights

Road Simulation

Effortlessly simulate road scenarios by augmenting parameters that mirror probable events to measure the resilience, sustainability and performance of assets in specific events

Smart Monitoring Dashboards

Get the past, present, desired, and predicted parameters of your asset conditions with the intuitive and scalable dashboards enabled by this solution

Visual and Laser Data Analytics

Inspect your transportation asset condition within few minutes by letting this tool provide scalable reports in the condition (operational and structural damages) of your transportation assets promptly


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