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Optimise your pumping stations to Smart In-plant Pumping Facilities by utilising Tigernix Wastewater Pumping Solution. This smart technology suite houses futuristic technologies to upheave the health of assets and transparency of operations in your pumping stations. Simulate pumping events for actionable insights, use a digital model of your pumping equipment and smartly monitor real-time statuses of your pumping centres in a consolidated manner. Tigernix Wastewater Pumping Solution is an effortless way to meet dynamic health, safety and financial compliances autonomously.

Wastewater Pumping Station Monitors

Keeping close supervision in the pumping station is a daunting responsibility for most pumping station operators and managers. Tigernix Wastewater Pumping Station Monitors are advanced with IIoT sensor technologies, smart visualisation dashboards, digital twin models and a range of monitoring tools that allows your pump inspectors and other specialists to remotely monitor end-to-end pump stations’ operations under one screen.

Actual and Expected Energy Consumption Dashboards

Discover the disparity between your actual and desired power consumption levels for better insight into optimal power consumption

Automated Pump Station KPI Tools

Isolate noteworthy KPIs from your streamlining pump operations to make smart decisions to optimise pump utilisation in your multiple pump centres

Intelligent Pump Control Systems

The predictive and prescriptive analytics tools will generate actual event-driven information to tailor the best control strategies for your pumping networks

Maximum Pump-Reliability Visualisation

Ensure that all your pumps are reliably deployed to execute pumping operations without any interruption or delay

Multiple Station GIS Mapping

Intriguing ArcGIS interfaces will allow your pump station managers to view statuses, operations, impending maintenance work and more of all your stations under one screen.

Pumping Infrastructure Degradation Curves

This tool assists in monitoring pumping infrastructure conditions and predict their degradation patterns individually for accurate condition monitoring

Pumping Speed Prescription

Compare pumping station intake rates, optimal pressure rates and other parameters and propose the best pumping speeds via event-driven prescription tools

Pumping Tank Models

The 3D Visualisation Tools embedded in this solution illustrate effluent parameters of your pumping tank models in real-time via tweakable virtual replicas


Wastewater Pumping Station Calibration

Calibrate your pumping station based on the desired LOS, pump infrastructure operability and financial viability of your organisation. This solution is built to make smart pumping decisions and execute prompt calibration initiatives to streamline pumping operations despite your changing environmental, inflow and desired outflow rates.

Aeration Plan Executors

With smart treatment strategies to clean biofilters and other aeration will enhance the aeration levels of your pump stations

Odour Monitoring and Control

Monitor and balance chemical parameters like metal salts, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and more with smart sensor networks

Power Supply Network Management

Ensure that your power supply networks are not handicapped with dispensable power consumption routines

Pump Station Construction Investment Plant

Make smart investment profiles with transparent and lucrative budget scenarios to fund your calibration plans with minimal expenses

Ventilation Status Checkers

Augment your operations during ventilation diagnosis so that your pumping operations are not suffered from prolonged system downtimes

Wastewater Pump Demands

Meet current wastewater pump demands with smart calibration initiatives smartly proposed by our simulation insights for event-driven operational victories

Wet Well Network Calibration

Minimise wet well turbulence for better odour control strategies with smart insights generated by our Wet Well Network Calibration Tool


Wastewater Pumping Station Maintenance

Maintaining, overhauling, and refurbishing your pumping stations is made easier with these software modules. This technology solution is advanced and it keeps track of your pump assets conditions and tailor condition-based upkeep strategies to ensure that your assets are in their best conditions all the time.

Condition-based Pumping Infrastructure Maintenance

Tailor maintenance, overhaul and refurbishment projects for your pumping stations based on asset condition-based insights

Maintenance Cost Control Systems

The varying maintenance costs during changing pumping scenarios will be addressed along with instrumentation changes for better cost insights

Pumping Infrastructure Criticality Models

Tag the criticality levels of the various components of your pumping infrastructure to understand reliability variations of your pumping stations

Pump Lifecycle Tracker

Use updated digital models of your pump to explore their conditions, structural and operational deteriorations throughout their lifecycle

Technical Operator Availability Model

Ensure that your technicians’ support and services are available during impending urgent maintenance requirements with this smart tool

Wastewater Pumping Reliability Checks

Predict the actual reliability of your pumping assets with ML and AL algorithms that predict reliability levels accurately


Wastewater Pumping Station Integrity

Manually meeting pumping stations compliances, overlooking financial, health and safety constraints and unconsciously breaching regulatory and legal principles is a daring responsibility for most wastewater utility service enablers. This solution ensures that your waste pumping stations are operating seamlessly despite such constraints and external influences.

Odour Leak Detection

Detect gas or liquid leaks in your pumping station before occurrence with our leak prediction models powered by battle-tested AI algorithms

Pumping Infrastructure Design

Design pumping infrastructures by taking various aspects into account like pumping environment, wastewater inflow trends, asset resilience, rules, regulations and more

Sensor-based Health and Safety Regulation Compliance Monitors

Autonomously meet the legal, environmental and safety compliances with the updated data sets enable by smart IIoT networks

Pumping Demand Analysis

Tailor your pumping station managerial, administrative and operational decisions based on current pumping demands for relatable victories


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