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The remote-sensing Earth Observation Data and Satellite Imagery are satellite-based technologies not majorly used by asset-centric organisations in Australia. However, very few asset practitioners use this technology and recognise it as a disruptive technological emergence with multiple advantages and benefits, especially for state-owned organisations that provide utility and welfare services for expansive communities in Australia. Remote Sensing, Satellite Imagery and 3D GIS models are three of the main features that use Satellite Data Analytics to enable a comprehensive bird’s eye view of cities, counties, states and even countries to mitigate impacts of natural disasters and manage, monitor and maintain massive, hard-to-reach asset raised kilometres away from each other.

Tigernix is an innovative technology solution enabler that does not overlook noteworthy technological advancements to enable hi-tech solutions to asset-heavy establishments in Australia. Tigernix Satellite Data Analytics benefits our proprietary solution users in two main ways. Firstly, in capturing asset-centric data like ensuring security, prescribing risks and hazards, construction progress monitoring and more. Secondly, in ensuring the safety and protection of target communities and natural resources by detecting and quantifying impending disaster impacts and recovery requirements before disasters like landslides, bushfires, floods occur. Here are some of the instances where Tigernix Satellite Data Analytics.

Tigernix Satellite Data Analytics in the Water Industry

Tigernix Satellite Data Analytics has transformed the technological demands of Australia Water Utility Service Enablers. This technology allows water system asset managers and operators to gain actionable data of 30,000 more kilometres allowing water systems in a huge area to be captured. Each satellite image covers 40 KM2 to manage water quality and quantity of colossal systems.

This technology uses Landsat Data and remote sensing tools to detect and filter water risks such as floods, toxic algae blooms, water stress, soil erosion trends, soil loss mapping, season-to-season water variability, pollution rates and many water-related parameters that affect the expensive assets, communities, wildlife and natural resources in Australia.

Tigernix also offers patented algorithms that help water utility service enabling establishments in Australia to monitor dam structures, detect pipeline risks, ensure the quality of water at the catchment level and more. Thus, making Tigernix Water Asset Solutions the leading smart integrated asset solution in Australia for using satellite-driven data to solve social, economic and environmental setbacks in any jurisdiction.

Tigernix Satellite Data Analytics in the Wastewater Industry

Our proprietary satellite-powered data models, GIS maps and simulation platforms play a vital role in enabling unfaltering wastewater services for communities inhabitant Australian lands too. This technology helps Wastewater Utility Service Enablers to overcome a plethora of challenges in streamlining wastewater service to their target cities or states. Satellite data allows wastewater utility service enabling bodies in Australia to keep track of their critical assets and overcome the hazardous impacts of natural disasters.

Satellite Data Analytics provides insights in making critical decisions on wastewater asset management in collecting wastewater, capturing, treating, reusing and releasing. Satellite data can provide records of streamflow, groundwater and feed sources overcoming the limitation of traditional data sources like piezometer readings.

In terms of mitigating the impacts of natural disasters, Tigernix Satellite Data Analytics enables real-time insights and accurate predictions on controlling calamitous flood and drought impacts. These insights can be used by the wastewater system manoeuvres to tailor disaster preparedness and mitigation strategies.

Tigernix Satellite Data Analytics in the Transportation Industry

Tigernix uses InSAR technology to detect the long-term criticality, performance declines, structural and operational deterioration of transportation infrastructure that cover vast land footprints over 120,000 KM. With advanced remote signalling and wide-ranged accessibility to civilian radar satellites hovering in outer space, Tigernix enabled Satellite Data Analytics that determines the feasibility of investing in transportation systems and infrastructure by analysing social variables like road usage, demographic data, community impacts and others.

It also allows the transportation service to enable agencies to detect slope instabilities, isolate landslide-prone areas and keeps close supervision on such sites to ensure the safety of pedestrians, vehicles, natural resources, property, buildings and residents in that area. It also detects other detrimental threats using remote satellite data like sinkholes that can be effectively capitalised using Satellite Data Analytics tools to perform monitoring of all assets in the transportation infrastructure. Therefore, Tigernix also enables satellite data features to streamline the transportation systems, upheave the performability and condition of transportation assets and ensure the safety of communities at large.

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