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Tigernix Wastewater Solution is an unrivalled intelligent Wastewater Asset Solution in Australia to keep your wastewater collection, treatment, pumping and reclamation facilities in their best serviceability, functionality and operational quality standards. This software suite accommodates innovative asset technology tools powered by an array of modern technologies, including AI, Simulation, IIoT Sensor Networks, CCTV and Laser Equipment, GIS Maps, Digital Twin and more. Give your wastewater asset managers the power to comprehensively apprehend the conditions, degradation patterns, maintenance requirements and remaining operating lifetimes of your wastewater infrastructure via this smart asset solution.

Wastewater Collection Asset Solutions

Ensure that your expansive wastewater collection pipelines are not hindered by spontaneous pipe bursts, breakages or detrimental sludge production.

Wastewater Treatment Asset Solutions

Ensure your wastewater treatment facilities meet the latest water quality and quantity levels based on dynamic water rules, demands and regulations that affect your treatment operations.

Wastewater Pumping Asset Solutions

Smartly calibrate your wastewater pumping stations to flexibly operate in specific scenarios with intelligent simulation and predictive analytical tools.

Wastewater Reuse Asset Solutions

Produce and supply prompt recycled water services for your consumer communities in an unfaltering service stream, with insightful demand and pipe condition forecasting tools.

Meet the best levels of service of your wastewater utility services with Australia's most unchallenged Wastewater Asset Solution

Tackle all your wastewater systems’ operational, managerial and financial challenges at a single console with Tigernix Wastewater Solution- the Smartest Wastewater Asset Solution in Australia.
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