Mechanical Pump Asset Solution

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Tigernix Mechanical Pump Asset Solution facilitates deployment, utilisation, overhauling and refurbishment, starting from traditional pump systems to smart pump systems. This solution is built to ensure that your pump networks are not hindered by unscheduled or random pump failures, poor performances and costly maintenance efforts. It also provides a comprehensive financial overview of your pump systems with a 10-year-ahead investment viability analysis report to optimise healthy financial decisions. It houses smart tools like digital models of pump assets, smart dashboards, AI and ML models, simulation platforms and a range of other cutting-edge technology tools.

IIoT Pump Condition Indicators

The IIoT powered vibration, temperature, and nothing sensors networks that Tigernix enable will detect shaft bending, vibrations and other pump failures effectively

Pump Calibration Tools

Based on the longevity, criticality and operability of your mechanical pumps, this solution will prescribe the best deployment plans for better calibration

Pump Criticality Models

The AI-powered criticality models will label your pump assets based on five criticality degrees- from ‘Very Poor’ to ‘Very Good’ to understand their reliance and urgency for maintenance

Pump Scenario Simulation

The simulation technology inherited by this solution will allow pump custodians to augment parameters of probable events and investigate the behaviours of pumps as per event

Risk Trend Tools

Use the marvellous predictive technology of our solution to mark the trends of your pump asset risks, failures and suboptimal behaviours for better operational insights

Smart Alarm Systems

Trigger alarms to alert your pump operators of suspicious operational behaviours or performances of pumps in a timely and reliable manner.

Unbiased Financial Tools

The AI-driven investment profiles and budget analysis tools of this solution provides sound financial insights to management you pumps throughout their life cycles confidently

Virtual Pump Models

Tigernix Mechanical Pump Asset Solution allows pump managers to gain immersive monitoring, predicting and inspecting capabilities


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