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Tigernix is a well-known Asset Solution Enabler in Australia for harnessing futuristic technologies to build user-defined asset solutions efficiently. Tigernix Smart Asset Solutions offer a plethora of technology advancements for industrial asset utilisers to meet dynamic demands, organisation-specific operational excellence and asset OEE standards at a single console.

Tigernix speciality in using Digital Twin, Simulation, AI and ML Models, IIoT, Predictive Analytics, and more state-of-the-art technologies keep our asset technology suites unchallenged and our competitors at bay.

A multi-faceted smart technology suite to empower water infrastructure managerial, operational and financial endeavours starting from water catchment to consumer’s tap...

Tigernix Transportation Solution is an asset solution that facilitates monitoring, managing and maintaining any type of transportation assets under a smart screen...

Tigernix Wastewater Solution is an unrivalled intelligent Wastewater Asset Solution in Australia to keep your wastewater collection, treatment, pumping and reclamation...

Tigernix Mechanical Asset Solution facilitates four main mechanical assets starting from industrial pumps, fans, compressors to an assortment of valves...


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