Geographic Information System (GIS)

Technologies - Geographic Information System (GIS)

Geospatial Information System (commonly referred to as GIS) is a technological advancement that enhances asset visualisation abilities of Asset Managers with hands-on asset monitoring and real-time tracking capabilities. The new-age asset-intensive world has found this technology an indispensable upgrade, for it enables a range of data collection, data visualisation and current asset monitoring capabilities that cover more expansive geographical footprints.

As most asset-intensive networks expand across towns, cities and states, the GIS technology allows the asset managers to gain expansive visibilities of assets that spread for hundreds of kilometres in an interactive map. It enables user-defined event-driven visualisation too; if the user trains the map to highlight hazardous asset-influencing events like floods, landslides or capital asset failures, it will highlight these events on the map where the user can interact to get intuitive information to handle such situations.

Tigernix Asset Solutions are advanced with advanced GIS capabilities, which unlock keener visualisation of expansive asset-intensive networks for better asset operation and financial decision-making, smarter geographic information keeping and improved asset system integration. The innovative GIS technologies inherited by proprietary Tigernix Asset Solution optimise end-to-end asset data integration, smart asset utilisation, intelligent asset maintenance frameworks to enable a comprehensive understanding of asset networks across their complete asset life cycle.

Tigernix GIS Technology in the Water Industry

Water Utility Service Enablers have invested billions of dollars in their water infrastructure; therefore, incompetent asset monitoring, incapacity to isolate critical assets and poor cost control strategies of assets instituted in disparate locations are detrimental in meeting their goals.

Tigernix Water Asset Solutions are advanced to tell the different stories of different locations with our smart GIS technological tools. The interactive GIS maps embedded in Tigernix Water Asset Solutions can be trained to highlight flood events, critical pipelines, pipe leaks, urgent maintenance requirements and other noteworthy city-wide scale information under one glass pane. With better location-centric information about water infrastructural networks, water utility providers can use this technology to discover asset condition patterns and trends which simple manual reporting capabilities cannot identify.

Rank your asset criticality levels and illustrate them via the attractive visualisation capabilities for better asset insights for optimising the performance, cutting down dispensable costs and dodging impending risks of all your assets with our GIS technology. Users of Tigernix GIS technology tools can ensure the health and security of their communities and continuously check whether their water services meet required demands with water assets of excellent conditions. With Tigernix GIS Technology Tools, water asset managers are always on the right track.

Tigernix GIS Technology in the Wastewater Industry

Tigernix GIS technology plays an important role in the wastewater industry because it is built with precise analytical schemas, visualisation tools and enabled via smart ArcGIS interfaces to avoid the pitfalls of other GIS technologies in the market. With effective use of our GIS technology, your asset operators can gain city-wide views of asset reliability, serviceability, asset condition parameters, remaining lifetimes and other asset-oriented information of assets housed in an expansive footprint.

Tigernix GIS technology enables precise mapping of your asset networks for better asset monitoring, plus facilitates smart modelling and maintenance or overhaul of assets in your wastewater networks. Tigernix GIS technology is built to prompt pinpoint pipe breakages, congestions, unusual flow or pressures rates to ensure that your community is not hindered by interrupted wastewater services. This technology can be embedded with other technology solutions like field data collection platforms and core systems of any IT infrastructure. Tigernix GIS technology is simply the best way to get updated information of your city-wide asset deployments, track and trace asset failing, schedule urgent maintenance programs and ensure your wastewater LOS is unfaltering all the time.

Tigernix GIS Technology in the Transportation Industry

The highway asset management and visualisation solution of Tigerix are also advanced with ArcGIS interfaces for city-wide visualisation capabilities. Tigernix GIS technology is highly integrable with all software platforms due to its multi-protocol adaptability. Hence, it uses all organisational asset data to comprehensively and automatically map transportation asset networks based on their conditions for faster city-scale analytical capacities.

This technology can highlight critical assets, or scalably illustrate the pavement and surface indexes of your transportation networks separately, highlight risks and more enabling fast road condition diagnosis under one screen. This technology is important to improve highway traffic safety, and the management and maintenance of pavement, bridges, culverts and all other transportation infrastructure components.

Tigernix GIS technology will undergo intelligent geodatabase deployment, data migration, data and queasy maintenance, and smart interactive application development to make your GIS map easier to operate, updated at all times and reliable in spontaneous or routined transportation asset condition analysis efforts. Tigernix GIS technology is therefore Australia’s most unchallenged GIS technology for all utility service enablers.

Tigernix GIS Technology in the Mechanical Industry

Mechanical assets can be disparately located in an organisation, for instance, tunnel fans can be deployed a few kilometres away from the other, therefore, having a consolidated view of all your mechanical assets can be uneventful if you are relying on manual mechanical asset methods. Tigernix GIS technology has redefined the state of the art GIS asset condition monitoring technologies in Australia.

Tigernix GIS technology implements an intuitive, consolidated and comprehensive monitoring approach to view the condition, current statuses, performance levels, impending risks, failures, weather conditions and so many other user-defined parameters on an interactive map.

Mechanical asset managers can visually track asset performances in a remote control point, to schedule asset maintenance tasks based on the condition, criticality, serviceable lifetimes and criticality of the mechanical asset no matter where it has been deployed and utilised. Tigernix GIS technology has therefore been recognised and admired by forward-thinking mechanical asset managers and operators for its user-friendliness, accuracy and agility in visualising real-time information.

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