Tigernix Contributes to the Asset Management Academia With WCEAM

Tigernix Contributes to the Asset Management Academia With WCEAM

February 22, 2022

The main decision-makers of Tigernix, Mr S. Gowrishankar, Mr K. Thannasan and Mr K. Srijeyanthan, contributed their knowledge on Smart Catchment Asset Management using immersive digital technology to the technology academia this year. This contribution is added as the 12th chapter of the 16th edition of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series (LNME) organised by WCEAM (World Congress on Engineering Asset Management). The chapter authored by them includes a comprehensive analysis of the most frequent challenges faced by modern water dam operators and how industry 4.0-defined technologies can transform Catchment Infrastructure Management Strategies into Smart Catchment Solutions.

Overview of the Chapter

The chapter discusses the two most critical duties of water dam infrastructure operators: ensuring the health and sustainability of the water dam infrastructure and guaranteeing the favourable maintenance of the quality and amount of dammed water in the reservoir. It furthers its descriptions to explore how industry 4.0 technologies can facilitate these responsibilities and elaborates on how they optimise infrastructure management and ‘dammed’ water quality and quantity monitoring. It also shows how these methods can guarantee the preservation of natural resources close to the water dam while receiving continuous public trust from the target communities that consume water flown from the respective catchment area. The reader will comprehend the technology guides in improving water dam structures to prevent hazards, risks, and degradation in the future as well as how to safeguard the water stored in the dam from contamination and ensure it never surfers a lack of supply against community water demands.

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