Tigernix launches the best Asset Predictive Analytics Solution

Tigernix launches the best Asset Predictive Analytics Solution

February 1, 2021

The best software provider in Australia has outdone itself again, with an expert solution for asset-intensive enterprise leaders. Tigernix announced their most-awaited product launch of TigernixPredictive in January 2021. TigernixPredictive is an Asset Predictive Analytics System that houses many value-adding features and smart, modern technologies for asset maintenance. Asset custodians of this era should not miss this opportunity because this solution is one-to-all asset maintenance limitations.

TigernixPredictive’s authentic features and proprietary algorithms provide future-proof asset data and insights that are necessary to keep your company’s colossal asset spreads to be functioning at their best performances at all times. Here are some of the buzz worthy features of TigernixPredictive:

  • Proactively updating visualisation dashboards,
  • Well-trained proprietary algorithms complaint to ISO 55000 standard,
  • Comprehensive Asset Lifecycle Models,
  • Asset Decay Identification Algorithms,
  • Smart Asset Condition Manager,
  • Asset Failure Predictive Analytics,
  • Asset Risk Management Tools,
  • Coordinated Asset Financial Reporting,
  • Steadfast Security Protocols and more.

This solution is said to be admired by asset custodians and main investors of asset-heavy enterprises because its functionalities are followed by many advantages facilitating their organisations, such as:

  • TigernixPredictve capitalises all Asset Data to discover hidden performance and decay patterns of assets.
  • Asset Managers can use it to ensure that corporate operations are up to 100% OEE standards.
  • The company can place an unshaken trust in its assets by monitoring them through TigernixPredictive’s lens.
  • It has the propensity to predict detrimental asset failures from 5 to 10 years ahead.
  • It effectively cuts down dispensable asset spending on maintenance and asset replacement projects.
  • Provides scientifically-proven data for investors to make financial decisions without hesitation.
  • It ensures the security of all asset data.

Contact the Tigernix Sales Team to learn more about this excellent asset maintenance solution today; you can also schedule a free demo to witness how promising this solution would be in upgrading your company’s IT structure.