Tigernix’s Participation at OZWater’22 Marks A New Success Story

Tigernix is Participating in The Upcoming Informative Workshop at OZWater’22, Hosted by SWAN

May 19, 2022

The biggest water event in Australia concludes on the 12th of May, 2022, and Tigernix has another success story to share with newer connections, more innovative ideas and unique experiences. We would like to take this moment to applaud the effort of AWA (Australian ‎‎Water ‎‎Association) in hosting OZWater’22, Australia’s most well-known International Annual Water Exhibition. This event was a collaboration hub for hundreds of distinguished guests to learn, collaborate and redefine the Water Future of Australia.

OZWater’22 took place at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center from the 10th of May 2022 to the 12th of May 2022. The CEO of Tigernix, Mr S. Gowrishankar, and the two COs of Tigernix, namely Mr K. Thanansan and Mr K. Srijeyanthan, attended this event, representing the dedicated team of Tigernix and the smart and integrated water solutions offered by us to the Water and Wastewater Industry of Australia.

A special thanks goes to SWAN (Smart Water Networks Forum) for allowing our CEO- who is also a celebrated member of SWAN-to present Tigernix’s unrivalled Digital Twin Solutions for water utility service providers at a workshop conducting at OZWater’22. Under the topic of ‘Flood Prevention with The Power of Digital Twin for Australian Water Societies’, Mr Gowrishankar had the opportunity to elaborate on the perks of using Tigernix’s Digital Twin Environment to mitigate risks and presuppose extreme events to ensure a healthy, streamlining and cost-efficient water services for Australian communities. The SWAN workshop allowed Tigernix to define how the future of water societies will change with the application of industry 4.0 solutions and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Tigernix also accommodated an Exhibition Booth at the OZWater’22 Exhibition, where our team addressed the guests and explained the unique features of Tigernix Water Asset Solution. We had a chance to explain the unchallenged industry 4.0 capabilities, user-friendly features and hyperconnectivity allowed by our solution to many water experts aspiring to adopt new-age solutions. The positive feedback and admiration of the booth visitors were the truest gifts we received at this event.

We look forward to attending the next annual OZWater event and wish all the best to AWA in hoisting great events in the future. Are you curious about our experience at this event? Learn more >> https://tigernix.com.au/contacts