Tigernix Asset Prediction Success Story with Water Association of Australia

Tigernix Asset Prediction Success Story with Water Association of Australia

July 6, 2021

Tigernix is once again recognised as a game-changing Asset Prediction Solution by the Australia Water Association. An article, namely Townsville assets need unique management,’ was posted on the 2nd of July 2021, by Cecilia Harris, explaining how the Townsville City Council increased their service deliveries with unfaltering asset maintenance efforts via Tigernix Asset Prediction Solution.

In this article, Eng. Sen Vigneswaran, Townsville City Council’s Asset Management Services Manager, explains the vast range (which is still expanding) facilitated by their water utility services and how a disabled asset management system can lead to uneventful results, including financial shortages.

Then he further explains how replacing the legacy age-based asset management approaches were replaced by the modern capabilities of Tigernix Asset Prediction Technology. Here are some of the capabilities that were offered by Tigernix to the Townsville City Council’s asset custodians, as explained by Eng. Sen.

  • The ability to predict asset failures that would occur within the next 10 years
  • Have a better understanding of water system asset degradation and tailor asset replacement approaches based on condition-based insights generated by Tigernix Solutions
  • Harness a Digital Twin of the Ross River Dam to manage and maintain the dam infrastructure based on condition-based parameters

Tigernix is most thankful for Eng. Sen Vigneswaran, for sharing his happy experiences with Water Source and helping other establishments learn how we can help other Water Utility Service Providers with modern technological advancements. Connect with Water Source to read more.