Tigernix Will Be Exhibiting At Sustainability Through Reform Exhibition’ in New Zealand

Tigernix Will Be Exhibiting A Revolutionary Water Solution At ‘Sustainability Through Reform Exhibition’ in New Zealand

September 5, 2022

As an unrivalled water and wastewater asset solutions provider in Australia, Tigernix has been living up to the central theme of sustainability for years long. Hence, Tigernix will be exhibiting an eco-friendly digital solution powered by Industry 4.0 technology at the Sustainability Through Reform Exhibition, a one-of-a-kind Expo for achieving a sustainable way of life in Aotearoa by 2050. This event will be hosted by IPWEA New Zealand (Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia) from the 3rd of October, 2022, to the 5th of October, 2022, at the Christchurch Convention Centre, New Zealand.

The theme of sustainability in this year’s exhibition is not limited to the environment. Instead, IPWEA aims to address economic, social and cultural sustainability in New Zealand in the presiding 28 years until 2050. Not only do policymakers play a key role in the legislature to achieve this goal, but organisations and industrialists must also lead by example.

Tigernix hopes to help inspire reforms related to environmental sustainability through its solutions. We specialis in helping Water Utility Service Providers to explore feasible means to optimise the water and wastewater service levels. Hence, Tigernix will be showcasing two of its innovative solutions, namely Tigernix Water Asset Solution and Tigernix Wastewater Asset Solution to experts in the water and wastewater industry.

We invite all interested corporates and individuals to visit Tigernix at booth number 10 to learn more about its solutions and the benefits industry 4.0 technology can offer to the water utility sector. As this event will be a fantastic opportunity for water experts, industry specialists, technology enthusiasts, state and government decision-makers, and other related practitioners to learn more about the future of the water and wastewater utility service sector, do not miss out on this opportunity to find a solution that could give you valuable real-time insights, and save your overall time and finances.