Tigernix Recognised for Its Feasible Solutions At  Sustainability Through Reform Exhibition’ in New Zealand

Tigernix Recognised for Its Feasible Solutions At Sustainability Through Reform Exhibition’ in New Zealand

October 6, 2022

From the 3rd of October 2022 to the 5th of October 2022, Tigernix joined an audience of water specialists, technology practitioners, and other distinguished individuals at the Sustainability Through Reform Exhibition. The three-day exhibition was organised by IPWEA New Zealand (Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia) and was held at the Christchurch Convention Centre, New Zealand. Tigernix was honoured to showcase its renowned water and wastewater asset solutions, popularly known among municipal utility service providers in Australia and the world.

Under the theme of achieving a sustainable way of life in Aotearoa by 2050, this year’s annual exhibition addressed critical economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability issues. While the solutions Tigernix directly influenced water experts in New Zealand to achieve ecological sustainability through its solutions, it also depicted how it contributes to the other facets of influencing sustainable reforms.

We were pleased to meet multiple water and wastewater industry experts at booth number 10, who were keen to know about the industry 4.0 technologies infused into our advanced solutions. The integration of digital twins, predictive and prescriptive analytics, GIS and satellite technology were some of the key features that made Tigernix stand out in particular. The event was a great success, and Tigernix left a strong impression among water and wastewater experts as a new-age technology solution provider. We would like to thank the IPWEA for organising an exhibition of this magnitude that brought together like-minded people interested in creating sustainable practices in Public Asset and Infrastructure Management. It has been wonderful conversing with intellects, public workers, and industry experts, and we look forward to engaging with the work of IPWEA again in the future.