Tigernix Will Be Exhibiting At The Water New Zealand Conference & Expo 2022

Tigernix Will Be Exhibiting Two State-Of-The-Art Water Solutions At The Water New Zealand Conference & Expo 2022

September 5, 2022

Tigernix will be exhibiting its renowned digital water and wastewater solutions optimised by the power of Industry 4.0 technology for water utility service enablers at The Water New Zealand Conference and Expo, the most significant event of the three water calendars. This event will be hosted by WIPA (Water Industry Professionals Association) from the 18th of October, 2022, to the 20th of October, 2022, at the Christchurch Convention Centre, New Zealand.

It is a platform to exchange unique solutions relating to water issues by introducing products perfect for forward-thinking asset managers. Hence, this annual three-day event is an opportunity for like-minded individuals and organisations worldwide to unite and resolve shared water challenges through collaboration. The Expo will therefore be interesting for water experts, industry specialists, technology enthusiasts, state and government decision-makers, and other related practitioners to collaborate and learn more about the future of the water and wastewater utility service sector.

Earlier this year, Tigernix became a Corporate Member of the Water New Zealand Conference and Expo. Hence, Tigernix hopes to be an attractive exhibitor for New Zealand that offers valuable digital solutions. Tigernix will exhibit two modern-age solutions at this year’s expo, including Water Asset Solutions and Tigernix Wastewater Asset Solutions. With over 15 years of providing outstanding industrial asset technology services for asset-oriented industrial practitioners, both suites are multifaceted and powered by AI technology.

We invite all interested corporates and individuals to visit the Tigernix at booth number 201 to learn more about the innovative asset technology tools we can offer to the water utility sector. Come and find out what smart asset solutions are available for water systems that can give you more control of your operations, finances, and time.