Tigernix Celebrates the 17th Year of Expertise in Global Business Software Solutions

Tigernix Celebrates the 17th Year of Expertise in Global Business Software Solutions

December 09, 2023

Today, Tigernix celebrated a momentous milestone – its remarkable 17th anniversary. Established in 2006 by the visionary CEO, Mr S. Gowrishankar, Tigernix embarked on an extraordinary journey, revolutionising technology-enabled business operations.

From its modest origins, Tigernix has ascended to remarkable heights, serving a diverse clientele and offering over 20+ pioneering software solutions across more than 30 industries worldwide.

In a heartfelt celebration uniting teams across Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka, Tigernix commemorated its steadfast dedication to excellence. This significant event paid homage to the company’s enduring legacy as a leading technological force, steering through the dynamic currents of a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

The driving force behind Tigernix’s success lies in the unparalleled synergy, dedication, and commitment of its exceptional teams, unified by a shared vision and an unwavering determination to excel as a premier technology service provider. This anniversary stands as a testament to our collaborative efforts, propelling Tigernix to continually redefine industry benchmarks.

Tigernix remains at the forefront of technological innovation, continuously evolving and adapting to position itself amidst rigorous competition. Looking ahead, the company is primed to navigate future milestones, equipped with resilience and innovation to meet the dynamic demands of technology head-on.

As Tigernix forges ahead in crafting the future of technology-driven solutions, the company invites you to explore its suite of groundbreaking software offerings. For further insights into Tigernix and its transformative solutions, please reach out at +(61) 7 3012 6312 or via email at [email protected].

Here’s to Tigernix – a beacon of technological prowess, resilience, and innovation, celebrating 17 years of excellence and opening doors to a realm of infinite possibilities in the realm of business solutions. As we step into our fresh 18th year, we warmly welcome your wishes and regards on this continuing journey of expertise and innovation.