Tigernix AI Technology in the Water Industry

Tigernix Water Solutions uses AI-driven technology tools for optimising the managing and maintaining efforts of asset infrastructure in the catchment, treatment, distribution and reticulation systems.

Tigernix AI tools are the finest in tailoring investment profiles that cover all budget scenarios in the 10 years ahead to guide decision-makers with the most cost-effective and resourceful asset investment strategies. The AUI-driven investment profiles autonomously formulate investment scenarios where the water asset managers can validate and transparently make financial decisions confidently.

Pipe bursts and spontaneous leakages are some of the main issues found by Water Utility Service Providers. Our proprietary AI tools are advanced in predicting pipe bursts by autonomously processing water pressure and flow data. With this technological capability, pipe operators can be well-equipped with maintenance and inspection strategies with information about the likelihood of pipe burst occurrences and raise alarms at the most convenient time.

The Early Detection Technologies of Tigernix are also powered by AI and ML models for better preparation during detrimental water events. For example, smart AI tools can detect sensor-based water data during heavy rainfall and floods to warn critical water levels in the catchment or unhealthy water pressure levels in pipe systems appropriately. Tigernix can also develop flood and rainfall forecasting tools with our unique AI speciality.

Some of the essential AI tools embedded in our Water Asset Models are AI-driven Asset Criticality Model, Asset Reliability Model, Asset Degradation Curves, Asset Risk Predicting Model, Asset Timeline Tools and more. Tigernix AI technology tools are certainly the most favoured and helpful capability for many water utility service enablers in Australia.

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