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The Simulation Technology did not take long to become a highly demanded technological capability in new-age Asset Management Solutions. This technology allows asset managers to gain scenario-based insights that predict the consequences of probable asset scenarios to choose the best long-term budget scenarios, maintenance strategies, asset renewal schemes, asset utilisation frameworks and more.

The simulation technology allows asset managers to imitate the operational and structural data of real asset systems to get an immersive insight into the functionality, longevity and sustenance of the assets. This technology allows asset managers to augment parametric scales of certain probable asset events to predict impending asset conditions due to various structural, operational and external impacts.

Tigernix Asset Solutions houses new-age simulation capabilities that help users to evade dangerous assets with scenario-driven insights. Tigernix Simulation Technology enables the needful predictive information required by asset managers to investigate budget scenarios, asset utilisation actions, environmental events and dynamic scenarios to dodge risks and optimise asset performances at a single console.

Our proprietary simulation tools enable hands-on experiences in analysing impending asset happenings to tailor corresponding risk control and maintenance or asset upkeep strategies to ensure the health, safety and resilience of your assets regardless of critical settings. Tigernix simulation technology facilitates a series of industrial domains which are mainly asset-centric, including asset utilisers in the Water, Wastewater, Road, Mechanical Industries and more.

Tigernix Simulation Technology in the Water Industry

Tigernix enables simulation capabilities for any water system- legacy or new-to precisely imitate a process or a situation with user-friendly parametric scales. The interactive dashboards of our solution allow your asset manager to feed structural, operational and performance-influencing statistics to the simulation platform. This event-driven data will be analysed by our smart algorithms to illustrate your expected asset scenarios via a tweakable digital model. The flexible modelling tools and agile result generation of our simulation tools, plus the amazing visualisation capabilities to investigate probable events to scaffold lucrative asset decisions makes Tigernix Simulation Technology the most unrivalled capability of its kind.

Tigernix simulation technology allows your asset managers to get a clear view of future events before making capital investments. Asset custodians and water system managers can use our simulation technology to plan the aptest asset networks by proving anticipated assumptions with autonomously generated, scientifically proven facts. For example, the water asset operator can simulate a flood event in a 3D twin, with rainfall parameters, water quantity levels, soil absorption rates and other dynamic parameters, and gain reports and visualisation of dam structure behaviours with predicted statistics of dam infrastructure resilience, risk and impact during that particular event. Water Asset Specialists can effortlessly use this tool to learn how our simulation technology can facilitate in making the water utility services faster, smarter and flexible to all dynamic events.

Tigernix Simulation Technology in the Wastewater Industry

Tigernix Simulation Technology surpasses the limitations and drawbacks of all simulation technologies in the market; therefore, many wastewater asset custodians exploit the features of this technology to get actionable insights on their asset performance in different scenarios.

Tigernix Simulation Technology allows the wastewater asset managers to manipulate event-based models of their pipeline, pumping stations, wastewater tanks, treatment facilities and more to get realistic and immersive asset inspection and monitoring capabilities. Suppose your wastewater collection networks will be impacted by unforgiving rainfall for the next three days, then you can use simulation technology to feed parametric data corresponding to the impending scenario and view how your wastewater collection asset will perform under such events.

This technology allows you to inspect all asset reliability and resilience during critical events and guides asset managers in making relatable financial decisions and confident asset overhauling strategies. The parametric data feeds can be simply carried out by interactive GUIs with scales or lists for faster insights. Get event-driven insights into your wastewater asset conditions under particular events and environments by utilising Tigernix Simulation Technology in your Smart Wastewater Solution.

Tigernix Simulation Technology in the Transportation Industry

Climatic changes and environmental impact sure do affect the condition of transportation infrastructure on a larger scale. To precisely address the impacts of weather conditions on your transportation assets, Tigernix Simulation Technology enables a smart framework. This framework helps transportation asset managers to assess long-term (10 years ahead) strategic plans by visualising uncertain behaviour of assets under possible climatic changes.

The simulation platforms that we enable for transportation asset managers allows them to augment parametric input like rainfall rates, flood levels, road usage levels and other user-explained parameters to mirror probable events and investigate asset condition based on them. This technology has paved the way for many transportation asset custodians to get keen event-based insights on how transportation assets behave under specific influences and give realistic views on their operational and structural changes under certain events.

Our simulation technology is battle-tested by professionals and domain experts for its accuracy, thus making them the best simulation technology for all transportation asset managers in Australia.

Tigernix Simulation Technology in the Mechanical Industry

Tigernix Simulation Technology is widely recognised in the mechanical industry in Australia for its unique ‘What If’ analytics features. Tigernix Simulation Technology outshines most simulation solution enablers in Australia because our simulation frameworks ensure to demonstrate unique event-driven insight for the risks, cost and performance of assets singularly.

This solution is embedded with user-friendly parametric scales that allows the user to self-reliantly feed parametric information to the simulation model and generate visual insights on how the mechanical asset would respond under certain events, like heavy rainfall, humidity levels, environments prone to more rusting, winter and more.

With the accurate event-driven insights of mechanical asset behaviours, you managers can smartly associate your asset conditions to dynamic probable events and carry out precise maintenance and budgeting decisions and also detect the remaining serviceable lifetime of your mechanical assets after they undergo particularly influential external changes.

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