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Industrial asset managers and other asset specialists are now enabled with a raft of opportunities with Smart Instrumentation Technologies enabled by many technology solution enablers in the modern industrial world. This technology allows asset managers to gain comprehensible asset data generated by sensors, valves, motors, fans and other mechanical equipment to optimise processes for better asset performance and speed.

Smart Instrumentation facilitates many asset-centric industrial functions, including optimal power consumption management, industrial process automation, maintenance systems, asset optimisation strategizing, smartly formulating safety systems, and other data-centric actions in asset management.

Tigernix offers premium, innovative instrumentation services for industrial asset system utilisers following an array of technical and operational benefits. Our Smart Instrumentation Technologies enhances process diagnostic capabilities with better collaborativeness, record-keeping, measurement accuracy than any other alternative technology in the market. Tigernix instrumentation technology draws a line between others of its kind because it is advanced with self status validating technologies, intelligent process optimisers while ensuring to enhance service quality without human assistance.

Tigernix Smart Instrumentation Technology ensures your asset networks are constantly meeting OEE standards, isolates actions KPIs, calibrate and configure HMIs, manage devices, optimise asset utilisations, promote smart reporting tools and more. To do this, we offer the best hardware systems to suit your industrial efforts and develop the most competent technology solution to make your systems smarter, resilient and sustainable during dynamic environments.

Tigernix Smart Instrumentation in the Water Industry

Tigernix Smart Instrumentation Technologies facilitate water asset infrastructure manoeuvrers in many ways, including smart system architecture design, optimising event-driven maintenance strategies, understanding the trends of plant assets and more. We help water asset managers select the best sensor technologies that support continuously generating precise asset data of their critical assets like water pumps, aeration motors, control gate operators and other capital equipment in water systems.

Tigernix Smart Instrumentation offers optimum maintenance systems to ensure that your water assets are in good condition till the operational phase of your asset’s life cycle comes to an end eventually. We will enable the best PLC and instrumentation services and technological solutions to empower preventive, predictive and prescriptive maintenance strategies to avoid spontaneous failures, risk and poor performance levels of your assets.

Tigernix will holistically meet your signature demands by enabling intelligent monitoring, predictive, visualisation and simulation tools that allow your asset managers to upheave the integrity, resilience and continuous operational excellence under one glass pane. Your water infrastructure data will be multivariable processes to enable real-time asset monitoring, degradation patterns, and other critical asset parameters with accurate readings and statistical preciseness.

Tigernix Smart Instrumentation in the Wastewater Industry

Tigernix Smart Instrumentation Services and Solutions also facilitate wastewater systems efficiently. Ensure the performance, energy consumption rates, serviceability and reliance of your wastewater assets are optimised with smartly instrumental data networks and asset meshes.

This technology is advanced to diagnose the performance and condition of your asset components like pipes, pumps, meters, valves, tanks and other assets. This technology protects heavy, expensive and critical assets by graphing accurate measurements to ensure that all assets are operating as desired under one smart screen.

Tigernix enables sensors, transmitters and IIoT-powered devices that autonomously track and records asset data, isolate KPIs, and manipulate data with advanced protocols to provide actionable insights of asset conditions like run cycle numbers, asset health, calibration drifts and other information required to visualise asset conditions and schedule condition-based maintenance programs without being hindered by random prolonged system downtimes.

Tigernix Instrumentation is simply the most awaited wastewater digitalising and smart asset technology for wastewater utility establishments to overcome the limitation of routine-based asset management efforts and address the condition and health of assets for realising smart asset upkeep strategies despite changing degradation and environmental impacts of wastewater assets.

Tigernix Smart Instrumentation in the Transportation Industry

Tigernix Smart Instrumentation facilitates all transportation asset utility service enablers in maintaining accurate, excellent and complete asset solution systems with both top-notch hardware and amazing smart software solutions. Tigernix Transportation Asset Solution utilises Smart Instrumentation Technologies to focus on the best electrical engineering designs that help the asset managers grasp data and offers data-driven advantages for construction, operators and integrators alike.

This technology optimises the sensor networks, CCTV and Laser equipment fleets, and other IIoT-powered devices to capture and collect data in the fastest and most accurate manner possible.

This technology has a direct impact on the transportation asset solutions that organisations wish to deploy according to their unique electrical, data and asset manoeuvring requirements. Tigernix offers the best hosting services, with amazing security and privatisation protocols, and helps your transportation asset solution comply with the best industrial and organisational logic and standards efficiently. This technology ensures that your asset data, even the most minute data-based deviation, is processed and analysed promptly for success-driven transportation asset decision making.

Tigernix Smart Instrumentation in the Mechanical Industry

Tigernix Smart Instrumentation enables the ability to instrument asset condition diagnostic information based on the unique requirements of mechanical asset owners in the industrial sphere of Australia. We assess the mechanical asset custodians’ special data requirements and instrument device networks with the best smart sensors, actuators and transmitters available in the market.

The smart GUI of our solution will allow your asset managers and operators to control, maintain and make financial decisions in a shared control point. The smart instrumentation services of Tigernix offer hardware and software services that are required by mechanical asset managers to differentiate the actual and desired asset parameters, realise sensor drifts, detect asset degradation and any other device-sensitive data readings.

A device network instrumented by Tigernix for your mechanical ecosystem will detect failures or faults, anomalies in stable operations, inefficient equipment functions and scaffold optimum and timely maintenance and operation strategies for your mechanical asset managers with agile asset condition data deliveries.

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